PALO ALTO/TORONTO “ Inpixon (Nasdaq: INPX), a leading indoor data company that specializes in delivering indoor intelligence, today announced the release of its latest mapping platform, Jibestream 4.12. The update delivers a number of new and enhanced features to streamline the creation, management and delivery of indoor maps. The release also includes support for point labels and new capabilities for integrating outdoor and indoor maps into a single application.

As we continue to innovate and develop our indoor intelligence platform, this latest release offers advancements that we believe both partners and customers will enjoy, noted Adam Benson, Inpixon CTO. Developers can continue to be able to take advantage of our sophisticated and well-documented SDKs, RESTful architecture principles, and scalable, reliable platform. The addition of best-in-class point labels, Google Maps integration for indoor/outdoor customer experience, and our user friendly wizards will give our customers and development partners even greater flexibility with our platform.

This release's Outdoor-Indoor Kit for Google Maps allows customers to utilize Google Maps' SDK along with the Jibestream SDKs to deliver outdoor/indoor experiences in a single app. For instance, an app user in their home can enter a specific destination within a target facility and be guided through the outdoor portion of their journey to the best building entrance using the Google map, and then be guided within the building to their indoor destination using the Inpixon map. Optional integration with smart parking systems can guide users to open parking spaces or to their parked vehicle. Inpixon believes it is one of only a few companies offering the capability to integrate indoor maps with Google Maps.

With the introduction of point labels, label clusters and advanced label collision handling, Inpixon believes its map labeling options are now the best available in the market because administrators and developers have substantial flexibility regarding how names of buildings, areas, units, stores, pathways, points of interest, etc. appear in the user interface at various zoom levels and orientations. In addition, point labels are not restricted to the label box boundary, giving customers more control over the label's sizing, when it's displayed/hidden, and its orientation. Also, switching on clustering collapses labels that are close in proximity into a group. When labels would otherwise overlay each other, more advanced handling has been implemented for both inlay and point labels to optimize appearance.

Other notable features of this release include a new wizard-like approach to venue creation, drag-and-drop layer ordering, the addition of custom properties for shapes and more.

Data visualization is key to transforming information into actionable indoor intelligence, stated Nadir Ali, Inpixon CEO. By placing nearly all forms of indoor data on dynamic maps, Inpixon makes the indoors digitally addressable. We believe this latest release of our indoor mapping platform further advances our leadership position in the market.

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Inpixon® (Nasdaq: INPX) is an indoor data company that specializes in capturing, interpreting and giving context to indoor data so it can be translated into actionable intelligence. The company's indoor location data platform ingests diverse data from IoT, third-party and proprietary sensors designed to detect and position all active cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, and uses a proprietary process that ensures anonymity. Paired with a high-performance data analytics engine, patented algorithms, and advanced mapping technology, Inpixon's solutions are leveraged by a multitude of industries to do good with indoor data. This multidisciplinary depiction of indoor data enables users to increase revenue, decrease costs, and enhance safety. Inpixon customers can boldly take advantage of location awareness, analytics, sensor fusion and the Internet of Things (IoT) to uncover the untold stories of the indoors. For the latest insights, follow Inpixon on LinkedInTwitter, and visit

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