InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials 2.0 Released

by | Oct 24, 2017

InfoGeographics (IGI) has released InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials (INGE) Version 2.0. This is a FREE utility offered by InfoGeographics, Inc that simplifies access to and launching of the key software components, file system locations, and high level Site configuration elements associated with Geocortex Essentials instances. Please visit our website to see a video that touches on all the major functions of INGE.

INGE 2.0 brings all of the same great productivity enhancements of version 1.x to your desktop. When run from an Essentials host server INGE 2.0 will continue to auto-detect locally installed Essentials instances, but 2.0 also allows you to connect to remote instances which are accessible via network file shares, a great additional improvement.

INGE was built and offered to the Geocortex community by InfoGeographics as a way to help organizations manage resources for modern web mapping that use Geocortex Essentials (GE) and ArcGIS Enterprise. The product also highlights IGI's high level of knowledge and skills with Geocortex Essentials and ArcGIS supported web mapping technologies. IGI staff are available for related projects involving Geocortex/ArcGIS implementation, advanced workflow and reporting, viewer customization, leveraging spatial and non-spatial databases, training, and support.

We are pleased that InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials is now being used in 14 countries around the world. We are positive that our clients will enjoy the enhancements offered in INGE 2.0, and many more organizations will take advantage of this free tool, and consider IGI for future Geocortex and web mapping efforts. says James Bennett, President of InfoGeographics. InfoGeographics Navigator for Geocortex Essentials can be acquired at no cost from IGI's website at

About InfoGeographics, Inc:

InfoGeographics, Inc. (IGI) is a GIS integrations company demonstrating success with GIS since 2001. IGI's career GIS professionals specialize in GIS planning, end-to-end system deployment, geodatabase design and data development, web mapping applications, mobile applications including some available on the app stores, the entire ArcGIS Suite including ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Desktop/Pro, ArcGIS Online, along with Geocortex Essentials, FME, and training/support to public and private sector clients throughout North America. IGI is an Esri Silver Business Partner, a Geocortex Authorized Implementer, and an FME Solutions Provider. For more information about InfoGeographics and how we are Connecting Information to Your World, please visit


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