Industry Leader AccuWeather Launches ClimateReady™ Risk Mitigation

by | Jan 25, 2022

Conceived to help organizations identify threats and risks specific to their operations, new offering will help improve safety, productivity, supply chain resilience, and asset protection, and serve as a catalyst for climate change preparedness and innovation.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center “ January 25, 2022 “ AccuWeather today announced the launch of ClimateReady™ Risk Mitigation to help companies, municipalities, and organizations worldwide prepare for the impact of climate change. The new offering provides concrete forecasts for long-range planning and empowers organizations to demonstrate to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders that they are taking the necessary steps to address the impacts of a changing climate by using the most comprehensive, accurate and localized climate forecasts available.

ClimateReady leverages AccuWeather's superior insights to assess the impacts of climate change through organizational risk scenarios up to the year 2100 for a client's specific location(s) or designated market area (DMA). The unique combination of AccuWeather's exclusive and comprehensive high-resolution historical weather and climate database, over 300 weather parameters, peer-reviewed climate change models, and the proven Superior Accuracy™ of AccuWeather's weather forecasts are the foundation of ClimateReady's detailed, actionable projections, empowering organizations to confidently make the best climate-preparatory decisions.
The catastrophic impacts of climate change represent multiple threats to our way of life and will dramatically alter business models, stakeholder expectations, and performance for the foreseeable future, said AccuWeather For Business General Manager Paul Bridge. Now, more than ever, businesses are focused on that risk, as are their employees, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders, but most lack the expert insight required to interpret that risk on their business and activities or even know where to start. AccuWeather's ClimateReady solution is designed to prepare companies for the impacts of climate change and turn its inevitable challenges into reduced liabilities, opportunities, and even profits, while satisfying the need for responsible stewardship.
Climate change is a matter of intense global interest and has made the list of top concerns discussed during the World Economic Forum for the past seven years. This vital issue was top of mind at the United Nation's COP26 summit 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Volatile weather events driven by climate change occur more frequently and out of season, and increasingly are causing trillions of dollars in total damage and economic loss annually.
Disaster tracking by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that the average number of annual billion-dollar events over the past five years was 17.2 compared with just 5.3 during the 1990s (CPI-adjusted). The staggering costs from the mega-disasters between 2017 and 2021 totaled about $750 billion. Climate change has outpaced building regulations which have played a significant role in the rising number and cost of mega-disasters, according to applied climatologists at NOAA.
Besides the obvious physical risks to life and property, there are additional operational impacts, as well as supply chain shortages caused by water scarcity, along with prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures, said Meteorologist and Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Steve Root, who contributed to the development of ClimateReady. And, as companies and organizations prepare for the impacts of climate change, they are subject to other factors that increase operational costs, such as technology changes, regulations, and market adjustments.
AccuWeather's ClimateReady solution was conceived to help organizations identify risks specific to their operations and help improve safety, productivity, supply chain resilience, and asset protection, and serve as a catalyst for innovation to assist organizations in reducing their carbon footprint. AccuWeather said interpreting climate data requires a deep understanding of the major earth systems and their interactions with each other, and its experts are uniquely prepared to derive meaningful and valuable benefits to help organizations now and in future.
For nearly 60 years, AccuWeather has led the weather services industry, creating innovative products and exclusive patented technologies that provide the most accurate weather forecasts, alerts, and severe weather warnings. Its products, services, and insights have afforded people the benefit of living their lives simpler, safer, and better while protecting property.
AccuWeather For Business has an enviable track record for extracting critical insights and information that can benefit all types of industry with decades-long expertise in creating and maintaining deep and diverse weather and climate datasets.
With ClimateReady Risk Mitigation, AccuWeather is taking the next logical step in situational awareness regarding potential weather threats and their impacts to help companies and organizations dramatically alter business models and future performance while minimizing the risk of climate-related crises.
Said Bridge, Informed decision-making is a hallmark of AccuWeather's service to our clients, and we are pleased to offer this new timely innovation to help organizations prepare and assure their stakeholders they are responsibly planning for the impacts of climate change.

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