ImageCat announces the availability of Fathom's global flood data in Inhance and FACFinder software suites to deliver flood risk intelligence

by | Nov 19, 2021

ImageCat today announced the availability of Fathom-Global 2.0 on its exposure management and underwriting platforms Inhance® and FacFinder.

Produced by leaders in water risk intelligence, Fathom's global flood hazard data marries rapid algorithms and seamless terrain data to explicitly represent risk for the entire planet at 90m resolution. When leveraged by insurers, this flood hazard data allows users to monitor accumulations and assess the impact of underwriting decisions across a global portfolio.

Fathom are delighted to make our global dataset available within ImageCat's platforms. Delivering solutions to the market that develop a common language of risk is key in enabling insurers to understand and manage their portfolios, explains Dr. Andrew Smith, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Fathom. By accessing this globally consistent dataset, ImageCat's users can overlay flood risk within their GIS platforms for anywhere in the world – even the most data-scarce regions.

Fathom has been a trusted data partner for ImageCat’s platform solutions for several years now. This new update is a continuation of ImageCat and Fathom's established relationship to bring flood data products to the insurance market, said Shubharoop Ghosh, Vice President of Data Services at ImageCat. We are very excited about Fathom's new data release roadmap and fully committed to working with them to address the complex issue of flood risk.

ImageCat's flagship exposure product, Inhance®, is a ground-breaking solution to exposure data problems and provides a suite of analysis tools to help (re)insurers, managing general agents and brokers visualize their property exposures in terms of completeness, accuracy, and appropriateness.

FACFinder™ is an exposure aggregation and hazard mapping platform for Facultative Insurance underwriters that allows them to monitor exposure aggregation and perform better risk analysis. It provides a quick and simple way to identify existing risk locations and their exposure to hazards and allows them to understand the impacts of adding new facultative locations to their book of business.

To learn more about how Fathom flood data can help your business, please join the Inhance November Data Partner Spotlight by registering here:


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