ICEYE Announces API That Allows Customers to Directly Task World’s Largest SAR Satellite Constellation

by | May 8, 2024

HELSINKI – ICEYE, the global leader in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite operations, announced the launch of two new application programming interfaces (APIs) that will give customers faster access to imagery from the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation through a self-driven, automated process.


The first API automates the satellite tasking process, enabling machine-to-machine interactions for this critical step. Customers who have built their own platforms to access commercial tasking services may now seamlessly integrate into the ICEYE space and ground architecture without a human-in-the-loop.  The second API automates the process for customers to request SAR imagery from ICEYE’s extensive catalog of over 60,000 archive images.

“We are thrilled to announce this new service, which makes the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation even more accessible to our customers,” said  John Cartwright, SVP and Head of Data Product. “Customers increasingly seek to integrate access to the ICEYE SAR constellation, the largest in the world, through their own platforms.  The end-to-end workflow automation we are releasing today puts this power directly in their hands so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions in near real-time.”

The launch of the API marks an important expansion in how ICEYE fields customer requests for SAR data. With the launch of the new APIs, customers can choose between API-based automation or continue to engage with ICEYE’s renowned 24×7 customer support team. All ICEYE customers undergo an extensive security review to ensure any SAR imagery accessed is used appropriately and shared with trusted parties.

“The new APIs enable efficient access to data from ICEYE’s constellation like never before. As a trusted partner to governments, civil, and commercial organizations, ensuring the appropriate use of our imagery is a top priority,” said Eric Jensen, CEO of ICEYE US. “We conduct rigorous security checks with all prospective customers, and those who meet ICEYE’s stringent standards will benefit from unprecedented access to ICEYE SAR data. ”

The two newly released APIs are the first in a series of APIs that ICEYE is creating to expand customer service and improve access to ICEYE data and imagery from around the world.


ICEYE delivers unparalleled persistent monitoring capabilities to detect and respond to changes in any location on Earth, faster and more accurately than ever before.

Owning the world’s largest synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite constellation, ICEYE provides objective, near real-time insights, ensuring that customers have unmatched access to actionable data, day or night, even in challenging environmental conditions. As a trusted partner to governments and commercial industries, ICEYE delivers intelligence in sectors such as insurance, natural catastrophe response and recovery, security, maritime monitoring, and finance, enabling decision-making that contributes to community resilience and sustainable development.

ICEYE is headquartered in Finland and operates from five international locations. ICEYE has more than 600 employees, inspired by the shared vision of improving life on Earth by becoming the global source of truth in Earth Observation.

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