i-cubed Offers Cloud-Based LiDAR Management and Processing with DataDoors 3.15, Leveraging Exelis ENVI LiDAR

by | Jul 10, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Esri International User Conference (July 9, 2013) “ i-cubed, LLC, an Esri Partner specializing in imagery and geospatial content management solutions,  is pleased to announce the release of DataDoorsâ„¢ 3.15 featuring cloud-based LiDAR data management and processing.

DataDoors 3.15 introduces important advances in support of the growing LiDAR collections of i-cubed's commercial, civil and military customers. Adding to its already valuable LiDAR archive management functionality, DataDoors now provides the ability to extract, combine, reproject, tile and derive interpreted content surfaces from one or multiple LiDAR LAS files. Along with these new capabilities, derivative products such as DSM, DTM, contours and intensity images, can be delivered from DataDoors as a finished product or as a hosted data stream with a range of endpoints optimized for your GIS and CAD applications. This allows end-users the advantage of automatically processing LiDAR to standard derivative products without having to store, host or manage the product locally.

The added processing functionality provides significant value to point clouds we host for partners and end customers, says i-cubed Product Manager, David Wright. Users can download individual LAS files, or extract a new LAS file over a specific Area of Interest (AOI). In many cases, users prefer standard derivative products over LAS, and DataDoors now automates this process, significantly reducing workload on the end-user. Streaming of derivative products is the next logical step which further allows end-users to focus on analysis, rather than storage, management, and processing of data.

i-cubed makes this functionality available via an integration with ENVI LiDAR from Exelis Visual Information Solutions, which provides powerful processing capability from raw LiDAR point cloud data. Integrating the ENVI LiDAR processing engine behind DataDoors was key to our development. ENVI LiDAR was natural fit in the DataDoors processing architecture and keeps the DataDoors cloud-hosting platform at the head of its class, according to Wright.

i-cubed is at the 2013 Esri International User Conference July 9 through 11, booth 713, showcasing DataDoors, GAME, imagery processing services and integrations with Esri's ArcGIS Online and Desktop platform.

About i-cubed

i-cubed offers enterprise geospatial data and information management solutions for corporate and government clients. Our services and applications leverage Earth imagery and map data, as well as rich geospatial media from ground and low altitude – large area data collection missions. Our solutions encompass visualization, exploration and engineering projects, as well as environmental and critical infrastructure monitoring of transportation and energy transmission corridors. We offer a full range of products and services in imagery procurement, custom processing, analysis and distribution. Image archive management and geospatial multimedia dissemination systems are provided by our DataDoorsâ„¢ and GAMEâ„¢ platforms for customers with existing data collections. For more information please visit www.i3.com.


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