HSR.health Releases New GeoHealth Analytic Dashboard to Target and Eliminate Healthcare Inequities

by | Aug 12, 2021

ROCKVILLE, Md. –HSR.health, the leading provider of health-focused geospatial data analytics, is pleased to announce the release of the Health Equity Analytic Dashboard accessed within their GeoHealth Platform. The Dashboard reveals insights into the intersection of social, racial, and economic inequities, and enables public and private health decision makers to develop interventions for addressing and improving those conditions.

Decades of research in the U.S. has documented health disparities in morbidity and mortality, estimating approximately $93 billion in excess medical care costs and $42 billion in lost productivity per year, with additional economic losses due to premature deaths. And, the challenges in providing COVID-19 resources and response across all communities throughout the nation further demonstrates that health inequity is a prevailing concern in the U.S. with significant social and economic costs both to individuals and societies. Black, Latino, and Indigenous individuals, for example, contracted COVID-19 more and suffered nearly double the mortality rates compared to their White counterparts.

The Health Equity Analytic Dashboard supports the objective and exhaustive study of the social and environmental determinants that contribute to inequity, and identifies the unique needs of the most vulnerable members of society in both current and future health disasters.

“Our Dashboard specifically identifies inequities and health outcomes in an area by the social determinants reflected by that population,” says Ajay Gupta, CEO of HSR.health. “Rather than generalizing and saying the outcomes are unequal, with our tool healthcare leaders can determine where, who, and what factors are affecting those outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to improve public health accordingly.”

The Dashboard provides a comprehensive and interactive tool allowing users to self-select social determinants of health (SDoH) and health factors to analyze at the state or county level. The various tabs include maps at multiple geospatial levels, graphs showing the change in SDoH factors over time, and charts comparing the correlation between different factors. For example, the relationship between unemployment and the population vaccinated with at least one COVID-19 dose can be explored.

The company’s blockchain-powered, AI-enabled GeoHealth Platform curates data globally and provides health risk analytics to key stakeholders including government agencies, local and state health officials, community organizations who offer healthcare services, and healthcare system leaders, among others. Users can access the Health Equity Analytic Dashboard as part of a GeoHealth license or a customized subscription.

Learn more about the Health Equity Analytic Dashboard here: https://hsr.health/health-equity/

ABOUT HSR.health

HSR.health is an emerging health tech firm based in Rockville, MD that delivers the only cloud-based analytics and visualization platform that merges data on social determinants of health with social media data, health outcomes, and costs to extract clinical insights. Their GeoHealth Platform is designed to offer point-of-care decision support, anticipate future healthcare delivery needs, and serve the diverse needs of health systems, health plans, regulators and insurers. Most recently, HSR.health pivoted and developed products to aid and improve global pandemic response. To learn more, visit HSR.health.

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