HolisticImaging Announces UnlimitedAerial 1.1

by | Sep 8, 2015

Graz, September 8, 2015 “ HolisticImagingâ„¢, is pleased to announce the release of UnlimitedAerialâ„¢ version 1.1, which adds UAS support, oblique camera support and orthophoto support to our production pipeline.

Naturally, all our algorithms are designed to handle very large amounts of image data to cover even the most demanding projects. Featuring a complete aerial data production pipeline, the production of AeroTriangulations, Digital Surface Models, Orthophotos and True-Orthophotos is now available in our solution. In combination with UnlimitedOrthoâ„¢ our solution allows to fluently visualize even terabytes of image Data without delay and therefore is the ideal tool for all mapping purposes and to share your data throughout the world.

For a live demonstration at INTERGEO 2015 (September 15-17, Stuttgart, Germany), please visit Hall 6, booth A6.089 or send an email to [email protected] and ask us for our special INTERGEO OFFER!

About HolisticImagingâ„¢

HolisticImagingâ„¢ is a one-stop-shop which specializes in big-geodata production, handling and visualization. Our award-winning products allow you to produce, manage, edit and interpret accurate aerial 3D information – regardless of its size. Our customers around the world are finding great benefits for their business by using UnlimtedAerialâ„¢ unique possibilities to process aerial image data from any kind of source.Thus HolisticImagingâ„¢ became a most welcome, reliable and competent partner to customers and international partners.


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