HerdDogg's New Direct-to-Satellite StarDogg Connects Remote Herds to the HerdDogg Livestock Data Platform

by | Dec 17, 2021

HerdDogg®, the precision-livestock IoT leader, announced the availability of StarDogg™, HerdDogg's satellite-connected DoggBone® reader. StarDogg addresses the needs of ranchers operating on remote ranchland by providing a direct-to-satellite connection to the Animal Traceability Platform®. Designed for ranchland where there is no cellular connection, StarDogg enables ranchers to keep a close eye on the location and wellbeing of their animals, no matter where they are, 24×7.

Developed in collaboration with Swarm Technologies, StarDogg integrates Swarm's satellite modem, which transmits and receives data via Swarm's satellite network, into HerdDogg's DoggBone tag reader. Whenever an animal with a HerdDogg DoggTag® Bluetooth sensor is within range of a StarDogg transceiver, it offloads tracking and behavior insights about the animal, and then transmits it via satellite to HerdDogg's cloud-based livestock data platform.

StarDogg is perfect for ranchers with significant acreage and those who graze cattle on land leased from the Bureau of Land Management, where there is generally no terrestrial cellular coverage, said Melissa Brandao, founder and chief revenue officer of HerdDogg. Swarm's technology provides a cost-effective alternative to tracking animals with a GPS collar or tag.

We are delighted to help HerdDogg expand the scope of its livestock monitoring capabilities, without being constrained by the availability of cellular coverage, said Sara Spangelo, CEO and co-founder of Swarm. For ranchers grazing their herds on vast landscapes, the combination of HerdDogg and Swarm Technologies enables more accurate remote management and improved oversight of herd and herd resources.

By adding StarDogg to their HerdDogg system, ranchers can:

  • Monitor herd movements between remote water or feed sites;
  • Track down missing animals faster;
  • Detect changes in livestock behavior


StarDogg pricing and availability
StarDogg can be pre-ordered today with first customer shipments commencing in Q2 2022. To learn more about the StarDogg system and how it works with HerdDogg's range of products, visit the HerdDogg store.

About Swarm
Swarm provides the world’s lowest-cost two-way satellite communications network. Founded in 2016, Swarm is committed to making data and communications accessible to everyone, everywhere on Earth. Swarm’s uniquely small satellites enable the company to provide network services and user hardware at the industry’s lowest cost and deliver maximum value to customers across a range of industries including maritime shipping, agriculture, energy, and ground transportation, providing the highest value for low bandwidth IoT use cases such as asset tracking and sensor monitoring. Swarm currently has 120 satellites in orbit (150 by 2022) providing 100% global coverage, and is commercially available. To learn more, visit http://www.swarm.space.

About HerdDogg
HerdDogg is passionate about livestock. Our innovative internet of things platform sits at the intersection of livestock, traceability data, and global food security. Our patented DoggTags and DoggBone, together with our Animal Traceability Platform, help producers make more money from every animal they raise. The HerdDogg system enables animal tracking, welfare monitoring, and traceability via a cloud-based platform and an easy-to-use mobile application. For more information, visit herddogg.com.


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