Golden Software Releases Grapher 14 with Enhanced Plotting Functions

by | Mar 14, 2019

GOLDEN, Colorado “ Golden Software, a developer of affordable software for data visualization and analysis, has released Version 14 of the Grapher scientific graphing package with new plotting and customizing functionality. Available today, Grapher 14 is downloadable by all users with active maintenance agreements.

The Preview version of Grapher 15 will be offered next week, giving active users pre-release access to new fit curve and statistical plotting capabilities.

Grapher users will find we have focused overall on making the software easier to use in version 14 and the version 15 Preview, said Leslie McWhirter, Grapher Product Manager. New plotting functions were created as a direct result of feedback from users.

The Grapher software gives users deeper insights into their data by providing them with 80 flexible and easy-to-use 2D and 3D graphing tools for plotting, analyzing and displaying scientific data sets. The package is used extensively by scientists and engineers in oil & gas operations, hydrologic/geochemical studies, environmental consulting, mineral exploration, and academic research.

The most notable new or upgraded features in Grapher 14 include the following:

Enhanced Plotting “ Ability to plot data in rows and columns, perform one-button Durov class plots, and easily generate multi-plot reports.

Improved Bar Charts“ Bar charts are more versatile, offering variable bar widths and differentiated fill colors for negative and positive.

With Grapher 14 now available, Golden Software developers have already begun creating the Preview version of Grapher 15. This allows customers to try new functions relatively early in the development process and provide feedback before the final version is released.

In Grapher 15 Preview, we are developing new features related to Fit Curve, Axes, and Statistical functionality, said McWhirter. These will improve the ability of Grapher users to model, analyze and interpret their data.

Specifically, these Grapher 15 upgrades will include:

Fit Curve Improvements “ At the request of geologists, geophysicists, mining and oil-and-gas professionals, it is now possible to add X=F(Y) fit curves to model borehole log data. Fit curves can now also be added to class plots to model all or individual classes.

Axes Upgrades “ Break Axes are enhanced so users can customize the break mark and add a break distinguisher to the plot itself. Ternary plots have also been upgraded to enable users to rotate the axis direction, a useful option in geochemical analysis.

Statistical Enhancements “ Grapher 15 Preview will give users greater control over how values in Box-Whisker plots are graphed. In addition, there will be new mathematical options to expand on the functionality of the summation plot.

Other upgrades in Grapher 15 Preview will include the following:


  • Vary color fills above and below the intersection of two plots
  • Specify custom colors via RGB values to color scatter plot symbols
  • Assign colors from a gradient to scatter plot symbols based on numeric worksheet values


Grapher exports integrate seamlessly with all Golden Software packages, including Surfer for data visualization and mapping, Voxler for 3D data rendering, and Strater for subsurface modeling.

Details on Grapher 15 Preview may be accessed here: What is Grapher Preview.

About Golden Software

Founded in 1983, Golden Software is a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software. Its customer base includes over 100,000 users involved in environmental consulting, oil and gas exploration and extraction, mining exploration and extraction, engineering, applied science, business, education, and government in 186 countries and territories. Golden Software offers six products: Surfer® for gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping; Voxler® for 3D data visualization; Grapherâ„¢ for 2D and 3D graphing; Strater® for well log, borehole and cross section plotting; MapViewerâ„¢ for thematic mapping and spatial analysis; and Didger® for digitizing and coordinate conversion.


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