Getech Releases Globe 2018 for Improved Basin Screening and Exploration

by | Oct 1, 2018

The Getech Group, suppliers of the expertise, support & knowledge that companies & governments need to better discover, develop & manage their Natural Resources; has announced the release of its next version of Globe

Globe is developed by Getech experts in geophysics, tectonics, paleo-geography, global geology, Earth System Modelling and GIS to help exploration companies better understand petroleum system development, predict geologic risk and assess uncertainty.

It is an industry leading geoscience knowledge base, spanning 59 stages through geologic time, that helps explorationists predict the location of Earth's natural resources quickly and efficiently, using consistent and fully-audited data.

The latest version, Globe 2018, includes new palaeo-surface geology and thermal mapping information, while also including new interactive tools for generating palaeo-climate profiles and assessing the Sediment-Water Interface Temperature (SWIT). 

Chris Jepps, Chief Operating Officer of Getech, explained in more detail, the thinking behind these improvements and the benefits they will bring to Globe users; Globe 2018's new and unique palaeo-surface geology layers give you a better understanding of the character, quality and distribution of potential reservoirs within your area of interest. Meanwhile, the new thermal mapping content allows you to interpolate temperatures through the geological section of sedimentary basins where the temperature is strongly related to hydrocarbon maturation. 

In addition, the new SWIT and Climate Profile analytic tools can streamline your basin modelling workflows and help determine how play elements change through time, respectively. With these and other new features, Globe 2018 continues Globe's focus on practical features designed to improve petroleum basin screening and exploration outcomes.”

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