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July 10, 2013
Fuze Go Launches ENVI Beta Test

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, July 8, 2013—Scene Sharp Technologies is pleased to announce that Fuze GoTM Brand Image Fusion Software, has been integrated into the ENVI Image Fusion Software Platform and is currently in beta test in preparation for our release of an advanced image fusion module to be marketed as an extension product to ENVI users.

Fuze GoTM produces high resolution colour images by fusing low resolution colour images with high resolution black and white image data from satellite and air borne sensors. Fuze GoTM has been established as the top image fusion software because it automatically creates high quality colour images with all satellite and air borne sensor image data. The reason this software is unique is because it automatically adjusts to all individual image data sets so no manual effort is required.

Fuze Go TM is also unique because it is capable of fusing traditional 4-band satellite data (QuickBird, GeoEye, etc.), 8-band satellite data (WorldView-2), and more than 8 bands. ENVI is a premium imaging software system used globally and recognized by remote sensing authorities as best in class.

Fuze GoTM has been integrated to work inside the ENVI software work flow process because it will provide advanced functionality for ENVI customers and it will be easy to use in your daily work flow. We are currently seeking remotesensing imaging professionals to help provide input as we finalize our initial product release.

Rakesh Mishra, Research Scientist said, “We are building advanced functionality beyond the standard core image fusion product so the ENVI integration release will be an advanced imaging module.” Mishra also noted, ”As we finalize our first release of the ENVI integrated product we are looking for people in the GIS (Geographic Information System) community to participate with the beta test using ENVI 5.0 and to interact with us though our beta test blog available on our web site.”

Scene Sharp President Ian Lucas said, “The integration with ENVI is important because Fuze GoTM advanced multi-band functionality will be extremely valuable for ENVI customers, such as the defense specialists, since it will simplify and automate the image fusion process and save them time and money and provide more accurate colour information.”

Please visit our web site at to enrol in the beta testing program.

Scene Sharp is also displaying in the Global Marketing Insights booth 2001 at the ESRI International User Conference July 9-12. Please drop by the booth for a demonstration of the outstanding result or to sign up to participate in the beta test.

Scene Sharp Technologies Incorporated is a privately held company incorporated in 2011 in the Province of New Brunswick Canada. Our vision is to improve colour video imaging quality so better information is available for a safer world. We are a software company specializing in advanced colour video imaging and we operate in a Business to Business market focusing on colour imaging systems integrators and camera manufacturers.

Ian Lucas – Media inquiries 2 Garland Court, Fredericton NB, Canada E3B 6C2 506-461-7325- office, 902-488-0125 cell

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