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September 22, 2017
Foundry Releases Data Fitness Quality-As-A-Service Solution for Geospatial Data Quality and Fitness-For-Use Assessment

(Sun Prairie, WI) — Continental Mapping’s software division – Foundry – is proud to announce the release of Data Fitness™, a cloud-based, Quality-As-A-Service software solution. Data Fitness assesses the quality of geospatial data and its fitness-for-use against user requirements in a statistically relevant and repeatable manner. Prior to this release, there has been no way to meet these needs. Data Fitness allows users to set acceptance thresholds, measure datasets against them, and perform what-if scenarios to quantify required adjustments to meet a need.  The QaaS solution addresses errors of omission, commission, attribute correctness, thematic accuracy and positional correctness.

“Our clients need to assess whether a dataset is fit-for-use against a particular use case.  Our proprietary algorithm and metrics hone in on those issues. We liken Data Fitness to a new medical test. Our clients can choose what to do with assessment and metrics, or we can consult with them to move them along a Geospatial Data Quality Capability Maturity Model. Never before has geospatial data quality been so easy to measure and evaluate.”

Paul Braun, Vice President

Data Fitness reduces visual review time by up to 90%.  The Fitness Center allows clients to load use case specific thresholds from a Starter Kit.  From there, users can adjust feature classes by criticality and then review error rates by those categories. Data Fitness can evaluate data throughout a workflow or assess the quality of an enterprise repository.

What’s your geospatial data good for?

About Foundry, a Division of Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc.

Foundry, the software division of Continental Mapping, builds and supports software products for the efficient creation and use of geospatial data.  Its parent company, headquartered in suburban Madison, Wisconsin, is a leading provider of geospatial data development solutions including full service land and hydrographic survey, aerial, mobile and terrestrial lidar, unmanned aerial systems, photogrammetric mapping, GIS, and remote sensing.  

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