exactEarth Announces New Density Maps

by | Jul 23, 2014

Cambridge, Canada, July 23, 2014”An exactAIS Density Mapâ„¢ from exactEarth lets you easily and quickly visualise millions of ship AIS messages at once!

exactEarth is now offering shipping density maps that can be customised to your specifications or provided in standard formats. These maps are the quickest means to take the complexity, time and effort out of turning millions of AIS messages into individual geospatial data points.

Density maps are the best tool to quickly visualize data to make sense of it all in an easy to consume format.

exactAIS Density Maps provide:

  • Ship traffic broken down by month
  • Total vessel counts
  • Ship type categorisations

Visit http://www.exactearth.com/products/exactais-density-maps for more information or get started creating your density map today.


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