Even Non-Experts Can Master Drone Analytics with Terra Mapper Data Processing Software

by | Jun 26, 2019

Hyderabad, India “ June 26, 2019 “ Hyderabad-based drone startup Terra Drone India (TDI) has introduced all-in-one drone data processing and photogrammetric software Terra Mapper in the Indian market. The software, which was first launched in Japan by TDI's associate company Terra Drone Corporation, has been running successfully since 2017 with more than 600 licenses sold.

The new, updated version of Terra Mapper “ which TDI is launching in the Indian subcontinent “ simplifies aerial data analytics and eliminates the need for enterprises and organizations to outsource drone data processing jobs.

With Terra Mapper, users can tag ground control points (GCPs) automatically, visualize high-density point cloud and 3D data from all angles quickly, capture video animations effortlessly, and design stunning illustrations (CAD drawings) easily.

Apart from providing outputs like orthophoto, digital terrain models, point cloud, and 3D models, Terra Mapper goes a step further to offer analytical deliverables such as stockpile volume calculation, contour lines, automatic classification of objects, and horizontal and vertical cross-section profiles. In terms of customer support, Terra Mapper comes with perpetual (lifetime) license and dedicated after-service support from Terra Drone's extensive partner network.

According to Prateek Srivastava, CEO, Terra Drone India, When people think of drone data processing, they immediately get bogged down with the complexities associated with software packages. Terra Mapper is not only intuitive, allowing organizations to process data seamlessly on their own, it is also available at one-third of the price of its closest competitor in the market.

Terra Drone India is offering a free 14-day trial version of Terra Mapper to those interested in buying the software. The introductory launch offer also comes with special discounts for non-profits and educational institutions.


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