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July 10, 2019
DroneOSS 4.0 Released with Advanced Capabilities and Integration APIs

DroneOSSTM Release 4.0.  ANRA distinguishes itself from other UTM software platforms by offering one of the most advanced workflow orchestration platform called DroneOSSTM.  This software provides an enterprise solution for industries that need to scale and manage growing drone fleet assets.  We are excited to have just released the version 4.0 which features new templating systems, optimized safety and training management capabilities.

The new release also includes enhancements to existing features such live data streaming, cloud based command and control, and fight planning. ANRA provides all of these upgraded 4.0 features and capabilities for an unlimited number of users and missions.

The latest version of the platform now exposes a catalog of capabilities to enterprises and service providers to monetize existing capabilities and drive innovative new services. It dramatically reduces the costs, risks and time-to-market associated with traditional point integration while lowering implementation and operating costs for the entire supply chain.

There is no one size fits all solution. Pick a drone; pick a flight profile; pick an analytics engine based on your needs and your backend enterprise system and let DroneOSS™ orchestrate the whole workflow end to end. In simplistic terms, it replaces ‘n’ fragmented element managers with ‘1’ network manager, said Brent Klavon, VP, Operations at ANRA.

DroneOSS™ achieves this by hiding complexities inside of the platform core and providing simple means for connecting drone systems to this core through the use of APIs, helper classes, and generic module support. The platform now enables automated zero-touch operations and management of complex services end-to-end across multiple systems, delivering higher quality services at lower cost.

See how ANRA can help your organization scale effectively and safely and contact us to schedule a live demo.

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