Digitent, a new full-service independent agency focused on bringing a performance and data-driven perspective to all aspects of B2B marketing, today announces the launch of their automated content mapping tool named Conductor.

Our new platform we call Conductor is the first step for ambitious marketers in development of a complete content strategy in the b2b space, said Marty Avallone, CEO of Digitent. We're very excited to offer marketers access to this tool that maps a company's content needs by vertical industry. Who doesn't need to know what content to present, to whom, and when, along the buyer journey continuum? Conductor aligns a decision maker's demographics, media consumption habits and content preferences based on their buyer profiles as they make the journey from awareness through to the final purchase decision. It is a powerful model to use as step one of a comprehensive content strategy, said Jeff Matteuzzi, COO of Digitent. It's business intelligence that will save marketers time and money, and help them convert sales faster with greater customer satisfaction.

Conductor is an algorithm based, and research driven platform, initially rolled out in beta for the Information Technology vertical. The firm plans to roll out additional vertical industry models ongoing. The best part is that the Conductor report is free, said Jeff. It will be available on our website for anyone within the featured vertical industry to utilize. We plan to transition users where appropriate into the second phase of the process called Opera, where the map will be verified specific to a brand, personas refined, narrative crafted and finally content will be created by our talented content development teams. Digitent will provide customized analytics, measurement and reporting of content performance providing actionable data to round out the Opera offering. Conductor is available to IT marketers at: https://thedigitent.com/conductor

About Digitent

Digitent is a full-service marketing agency delivering data-driven brand strategy, creative, content, digital execution and analytics. The firm manages B2B programs with global brands including Level3, CenturyLink, Novelis, Produce Marketing Association, PeopleScout, and Georgia-Pacific among others. Visit http://www.thedigitent.com.