Design an Interactive Map

by | Jan 27, 2016

The biggest difference between a printed map and a digital map is that the digital map provides interactivity for users. For example, with GIS software, users can click on a feature and identify its attributes to gain more details. The interactive design of the digital map helps every viewer to understand the map in an easy fashion and make the map even more fun!

People are now sharing maps through the internet, and more and more people are looking at things geographically. But not everyone can easily understand the maps. Therefore, it is important to incorporate interactive design elements within digital maps in order to aid understanding and engage your audience. With SuperGIS Server JavaScript API, you can use scripted events that allow users to manipulate the map and change viewing options by performing actions, like clicking or dragging the map. In this way, map users can do things like drawing geometries to highlight features of interest, clicking on features to highlight them, or even create animations to make fancy visualizations of spatial data.

All the skills about designing an interactive map can be learned from the latest released API lessons at Supergeo online courses. It is a free and interactive learning environment where you can directly modify code on the web page and see what happens immediately. Help us spread the power of interactive design!