CompassCom Releases MRM/Iot Platform to Support Real-Time Data Plug and Play with Esri ArcGIS

by | Mar 6, 2017

Palm Springs, CA “ At the Esri Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, CompassCom is releasing Version 7 of its industry leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Platform to empower users of ArcGIS to leverage their investment in GIS with real-time data to improve response and make decisions.   CompassCom is celebrating 23years as an Esri Business Partner providing users, integrators and 3rd Party software companies that leverage Esri technology, plug and play connectivity with real-time Telematics and Iot devices. Bring your own device technology ensures the user can select hardware for use in the field that best meets the workflow for their operations. CompassTrac® viewer supports desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone users to provide portability of the data to support decision making at any level.

Real-Time data delivered by the CompassCom Platform leverages the power of ArcGIS to enable users to configure their MRM solution to meet specific workflow requirements. Said Brant Howard, Founder and CEO of CompassCom. Operations require meaningful map data in the background of their MRM solution that matches the mission to improve customer service, safety and efficiency

Operational support for Public Works, DOT, utility, first responders, solid waste, aviation departments require map data that supports a meaningful response to deliver the right resource, to the right place at the right time. ArcGIS map data configured to the agencies needs and the connectivity of CompassCom real-time telematics enables the user to make decisions with current and accurate data.

The CompassCom's MRM Platform is a perfect fit for Esri Business Partners providing 3rd party software that want to add real-time data to enhance their solution. Said Mr. Howard. CompassLDE plug and play connectivity supports GeoEvent Extension, Esri REST and Stream data to give integrators the best option to make their end solution live with moving vehicles, people and Iot sensors.   

The CompassCom offering includes the CompassLDE MRM/Iot Platform, CompassTrac viewer App, CompassReports App for analytics and CompassAVL a free light weight viewer to support development efforts. Our solution is flexible to support on premise, cloud and managed service deployments. Bundles are available for vehicle hardware, sensors and wireless service with configuration and installation support.  

Visit us at booth 103 at the Esri Business Partner Expo in Palm Springs, March 6th. Contact CompassCom today for a live demo, API documentation or to discuss how we can make your Esri App move with real-time data

About CompassCom

CompassCom has been at the forefront of the Mobile Resource Management (MRM) industry as an Esri partner, providing enterprise-level solutions using the Esri ArcGIS platform since 1994. As an AVL system originally designed for tracking the locations and status of vehicles, CompassCom has evolved to the CompassTrac® web-based map display and CompassLDE® platform leverage client investment in GIS technology to monitor smartphones, Motorola private mobile radios and any mobile assets equipped with GNSS telematics. CompassCom solutions provides a common operational picture for governments, public safety agencies, public works departments, DOTs and other organizations that want a real-time solution tailored to support their mission requirements.  For more information, visit


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