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October 17, 2017
Cloud Migration Path for Cadcorp Web Mapping

With the rapid adoption of cloud hosting technology, Cadcorp is offering customers the option to transition on-premise web mapping software to the cloud


Cadcorp has announced a cloud migration path for existing customers to migrate their existing maintained licences into a Cadcorp cloud hosted and managed environment.


There a number of benefits to hosting web mapping in the cloud and Cadcorp is offering packages that are adaptable to each organisation's IT architecture and requirements. 


Benefits of cloud hosted web mapping

Includes hardware and software upgrades together with map updates

Interface with other cloud environments, onsite systems and databases

Server administration and monitoring by Cadcorp

Cadcorp customer support service, backed by Microsoft Azure SLA

Full Cadcorp product administration available

Resilience, back up and disaster recovery options available


Further details about Cadcorp cloud services are available from the Cadcorp website.


About Cadcorp

Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping software. It offers a complete suite of products - the Cadcorp Spatial Information System® (Cadcorp SIS®) - addressing all phases of spatial information management. Cadcorp SIS® is available worldwide through a network of Cadcorp partners, via a direct sales team in the UK and is an approved GIS supplier on G-Cloud. To find out more, visit

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