CleverScan Manhole Inspection System Now Integrates with Trimble R2 GPS Receiver

Trimble R2 receiver sends GPS information to device in real-time via wireless Bluetooth connection.

The rapid, automated manhole inspection system, CleverScan, can now easily integrate GPS data, improving the accuracy and efficiency of inspection analysis and reporting.

CleverScan is a compact, lightweight inspection unit that uses five HD cameras and laser measurement to deliver a flat scan capturing image detail from every inch of the manhole wall. The Trimble R2 GNSS receiver can now be mounted on top of this unit. The receiver allows GIS and survey professionals to collect highly accurate data”ranging between submeter and centimeter positioning accuracies, depending on the solution and performance level that suits the application.

The exact GPS position is submitted via a wireless Bluetooth connection and can be viewed on a number of devices. Trimble R2 most recently integrated with WinCan software, and data can be viewed and stored with the WinCan VX Expert package. CleverScan is distributed exclusively by Envirosight and its sales partners in North America.

The fully automated CleverScan system disrupted the world of manhole inspection on its own, completing thorough scans in just two to three minutes, says Richard Lindner, president and CEO of Envirosight. Now being able to relay even more detailed data with specific GPS information will expand CleverScan’s capabilities and overall deliverables.

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