CartoPac Unveils Barcode Scanner Solution for Gas Utility Pipeline Mapping

by | Apr 27, 2017

CartoPac International Inc., an enterprise mobile software and services company, has introduced a fully integrated barcode scanning solution for gas utility companies. The solution integrates with the CartoPac Software Suite and enables utilities to quickly and accurately comply with regulations related to the traceability of their as-built natural gas distribution assets.

CartoPac will demonstrate the gas utility barcode solution in booth 1307 at the American Gas Association's Operations Conference being held May 2-5, 2017, in Kissimmee, Florida.

Many gas utilities rely on the CartoPac Suite to manage as-built distribution network information collected during installation to ensure their asset database is ˜traceable, verifiable and complete' in accordance with existing U.S. DOT Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) regulations.

However, pending rules will require utilities to collect additional tracking data by scanning barcodes on every plastic pipe and fitting placed in the ground as part of their natural gas distribution networks. The manufacturers of PVC gas pipes have already begun applying barcodes containing 18 standardized attributes describing how, when and where each pipe section was created.

The problem is the PVC barcodes are difficult to read with standard scanners, said Glenn Vlass, CartoPac Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

Printed on the yellow surface of PVC gas piping, the barcodes lack the contrast needed for reading by most handheld scanners, especially in dark and dirty construction trenches. As a result, field personnel mapping the as-built assets often stop and manually key in the barcode, slowing data collection and potentially introducing errors.

To solve the problem, Code's CR2600 was integrated into the CartoPac Software Suite. Code's CR2600, a rugged barcode reader with an IP65 rating, is small, lightweight and can easily be carried by gas utility mapping personnel.

We worked closely with CartoPac and our local gas company to understand their challenges, said Code's VP of Technology, Dr. Ming Lei. By fine tuning our patented optical system and proprietary decoding software, we were able to create a custom barcode reading solution that addressed the unique barcode reading challenges faced in this unpredictable, harsh environment.

CartoPac developed an interface application for the Code barcode reader to stream the captured codex information into the CartoPac Software Suite running on Windows and Windows Mobile GPS-enabled data collection devices, including the Trimble Geo series. Code's barcode reader transmits barcoded data via Bluetooth connection to the CartoPac software where the 18 data points describing the PVC pipe are stored seamlessly as attributes along with other field data collected for inclusion in the enterprise GIS.

The integrated scanner solution can significantly speed and simplify collection of the barcode data in the field, said CartoPac's Vlass. The gas utility's GIS will contain information that is complete, consistent and accurate for every piece of pipe in their distribution network.

If there is ever a recall of defective PVC pipe manufactured by a supplier during a certain time period or at a specific plant, the gas utility will be able to query its GIS database and generate a map pinpointing the locations of every buried asset that may need replacing, said Vlass.

Introduced in 2002, the CartoPac Suite has been adopted by energy companies, natural resource agencies, municipalities, gas and electric utilities to improve the management of their assets. These organizations rely on the integrated suite of CartoPac applications to easily configure, deploy and distribute mobile solutions fully integrated within the Esri GIS environment.

About CartoPac (
CartoPac International delivers a complete suite of enterprise mobile software applications that enable companies to effectively collect and manage their field asset data. We partner with companies to deploy mobile solutions that are readily adopted by field users, support the complexities of the assets and related infrastructure, and deliver high value data that is leveraged across the organization. CartoPac was founded in 1999 and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Code is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of image-based barcode reading hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers' expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their operations. Servicing a diverse range of industries and environments, Code's products are used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and a range of other diverse industries.

Code's 2D Revolutionâ„¢ image processing and decoding solution is the de facto choice for enterprise-grade barcode scanning software technology that enables rapid, accurate decoding of virtually any barcode symbology, of virtually any quality and curvature “ every time without fail. As the backbone of Code's product line and with the flexibility to integrate with any device, operating system, and application, 2D Revolution ensures you can reliably capture the barcode data you need, in the way you want, at the pace your business demands. 2D Revolution is the only decoder to support the proprietary GoCode® symbology which uses encryption to secure and prevent illicit reading of sensitive data.

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