Bluedot Innovation Launches Geolines — Transforming the Location Services Market

by | Jun 8, 2015

MELBOURNE, June 8, 2015 ” Bluedot Innovation is transforming the location services market by launching its unprecedented new technology – Geolines. Its clients can deliver tailored content and generate valuable analytics like never before.

Geolines represents the next generation of Bluedot technology. Simply draw a line on a map and interact with customers exactly when and where you want. It delivers greater precision, even better battery performance and superior scalability.

“Geolines presents a new standard in location technology, with nothing comparable in the market. With Geolines, we’re powering a new generation of location-aware apps that previously weren’t possible,” commented Filip Eldic, co-founder of Bluedot Innovation.

How Geolines works

The industry standard for location services (using geofencing) is for locations no smaller than 100m wide.

Bluedot Innovation already delivers 20x the precision, achieving up to 5m precision with its cutting-edge location services technology — the Bluedot Point SDK (Software Development Kit).

But Bluedot Innovation is committed to changing what’s possible so it’s gone even further and developed Geolines.

A Geoline is a razor thin line that can be set virtually anywhere in the world to precisely trigger actions (like opening websites, sending messages and playing video) on mobile devices when end-users walk or drive through.

No more 100m wide locations, no geofences. Simply draw a virtual line.

“The ability to trigger any number of Geolines globally, with no supporting hardware, will transform how businesses connect with customers at scale. This is the future of location services,” explained Chief Technology Officer, Balendran Thavarajah.

Need tech that scales with your business?

Bluedot Innovation supports serious scale in everything it does. No additional hardware or infrastructure is needed, which means the Point SDK — including Geolines — can be rolled out across an entire business or to millions of customers rapidly.

Bluedot technology is designed for enterprises. It supports an unlimited number of locations globally without affecting performance. The Point SDK allows enterprise clients to disrupt mobile commerce, location-based advertising, smart cities and major events, among other industries.

Bluedot Innovation also sets a new standard in protecting privacy. Unlike other location services providers, it doesn’t track or collect any personal information about end-users.

Bluedot Innovation wants to work with you to deliver the most powerful and creative solutions to the market. Get in contact today.


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