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Scottsdale, AZ, USA  Bad Elf, LLC and Point One Navigation, Inc. announce a strategic relationship to provide nationwide GNSS corrections services compatible with the Bad Elf Flex®. As one of the first GNSS receiver partners to incorporate the Polaris GNSS corrections network, Bad Elf now offers a subscription service for nationwide RTK (real time kinematics) with centimeter-level positioning accuracy in open sky conditions.

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Bad Elf customers benefit from a corrections network that combines the best of coverage and affordability. This partnership between Bad Elf and Point One provides a complete and reliable nationwide RTK corrections service accessible to Bad Elf Flex customers. With multi-constellation support, we maximize integrity and availability while delivering a cost-effective combined solution. We are excited to bring this cutting-edge service to our customers using Point One's technology, said Larry Fox, VP Marketing and Business Development at Bad Elf.

The Bad Elf Flex offers the first scalable-accuracy GNSS receiver with a robust RTK workflow. Using the Bad Elf Flex app on a cellular equipped phone or tablet, users now have push-button access to activate RTK corrections. Direct integration with Polaris provides simple and ubiquitous access to corrections without complicated configuration. A free trial period allows customers to verify 10cm (95%) results in their own operating area. Customers may then subscribe monthly and enable nationwide service immediately. No long-term contract is required since customers may manage their subscription month-to-month.

Point One's Polaris network provides critical data for a variety of precise positioning applications and is now fully deployed coast-to-coast, said Bryan Galusha, COO and Co-Founder at Point One. “The Bad Elf Flex is a game-changing GNSS receiver and we are delighted to offer a fully integrated, easy to use corrections solution in partnership with Bad Elf, eliminating the need to search for a local corrections source.  This enables a truly out-of-box corrections solution that is ready to use in seconds..”

Point One's Polaris GNSS correction network uses the latest in base station technology to deliver precise survey and movement detection, continuous position monitoring, 1 Hz data update rates, and tracking of all modern satellite constellations.  Its powerful cloud-based correction architecture allows for GNSS corrections in RTK or SSR configurations.  Polaris delivers superior station density in areas where you need it most, including urban centers and suburban surrounding areas, enabling cold convergence times of under 10 seconds – the fastest of any network solution available.  Its open source interfaces demonstrate compatibility with receivers and chipsets from leading providers.  The service is also compatible with any NTRIP/RTCM3 compliant receiver.

About Bad Elf, LLC

Bad Elf, LLC envisions, designs, and manufactures niche hardware and software with an emphasis on Apple’s MFi (“Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”) program. Bad Elf began developing handheld GNSS receiver accessories for the aviation and marine markets. As more and more GIS customers began adopting our products for mobile field collection, we pivoted to a more GIS-centric operation. Our team mixes decades of experience in embedded hardware, firmware, middleware, cloud solutions, and application software. We distribute Bad Elf products worldwide to a diverse audience of organizations and end users.

For more information, please contact:

Larry Fox

Bad Elf, LLC

Phone: +1 (855) 422-3353 x 409

Email: [email protected]

About Point One Navigation

Tomorrow's devices require precise knowledge of their location to be safe and effective in the real world.  Point One is delivering the first coast-to-coast, 100% self-built, owned and maintained RTK corrections network.  Satellite navigation, computer vision and sensor fusion comprise the foundation for Point One's location platform.  Point One outperforms other options by tightly coupling the strengths of different sensor modalities and intelligently using proprietary data.  Point One is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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