AlphaGeo releases “ground truth” resilience analytics on new geospatial platform

by | May 28, 2024

SINGAPORE and NEW YORK — AlphaGeo is proud to announce the launch of the first ever integrated spatial index combining localized risk and adaptation measures, delivering the “ground truth” of resilience for any location worldwide.


AlphaGeo's proprietary risk and adaptation datasets combine to give the "ground truth" of any location's resilience.

The future profile of any place isn’t what a climate risk model tells us today – it’s what we do about it.

Physical climate hazards such as floods, fires, hurricanes, heatwaves and drought are becoming more acute, making adaptation a central priority for governments, industry and asset managers everywhere.

Adding to its proprietary climate physical risk forecasting (covering all risks under multiple scenarios and timescales), AlphaGeo has now added a comprehensive “adaptation layer” including water treatment and sanitation facilities, seawalls, flood barriers, fire monitoring stations, water desalination plants and more.

This combined risk and adaptation data guides authorities in understanding the gaps to be addressed in their locations and measures that can be taken to achieve greater resilience.

AlphaGeo’s clients leverage its easily accessible datasets via Snowflake, API, CSV file or directly on its enterprise SaaS platform – and apply it directly to core business needs such as risk management, cap-ex planning and due diligence for acquisitions.

Founder & CEO Dr. Parag Khanna says, “Foresight into location dynamics due to market, socioeconomic, demographic and climate factors enables investors to act with much greater confidence despite today’s volatility. We’ve built a platform that caters both to risk and opportunity — defense and offense.”

Users who visit can view risk and resilience-adjusted data for sample locations in FloridaCalifornia and the United Kingdom, viewing their scores changing over different time periods and benchmark location performance against others. Visitors to AlphaGeo’s website are also invited to click “Login” and create a free account in which they can access data on locations of interest to them. Institutional customers can create large portfolios of location data and leverage tools such as “Alpha Finder,” which generates maps of locations that best match your selected criteria.

For more information, please visit AlphaGeo’s webpage: Additional queries can be directed to COO Mark Langan ( Email Contact) or Chief of Staff Jennifer Kwek ( Email Contact).


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