Airbus Defence and Space Delivers Street Factory 3D Urban Mapping Solution to Rolta

by | Mar 10, 2015

March 10, 2015 ” Airbus Defence and Space has installed its Street Factory 3D urban mapping solution at Rolta's facility in Mumbai, thereby completing its processing capacities, based on two Pixel Factory processing suites already in use.

  • Next step in long-term partnership with the Indian multinational company Rolta
  • With the purchase of Street Factory, Rolta completes implementation of Pixel Factory suite

Launched in July 2012, Street Factory is a fully integrated solution enabling rapid and fully automatic processing of images from any aerial or street camera for the generation of a 3D textured database and distortion-free imagery. These realistic and precise data are used in 3D modeling and visualization in fields including urban planning, risk management, defense and telecommunications. This accurate process is fully automated and the imagery is produced within hours after acquisition, regardless of the sensor.

With the acquisition of the Street Factory system, Roltabecomes the second company after PASCO Corporation headquartered in Japan to own the complete range of geo-processing solutions offered by Airbus Defence and Space, allowing it to cover the entire range of geo-information data production (including DEMs, ortho images and urban3D models) derived from satellite and aerial data. Roltais the first Indian company capable of automatically creating high accuracy 3D databases, even for dense urban areas.

Bernhard Brenner, Head of the Geo-Intelligence Programme Line at Airbus Defence and Space, said: We are very pleased with this contract which marks a fresh milestone in the long-term collaboration between Airbus Defence and Space and Rolta, which began in 2009 when the first Pixel Factory agreement was signed. The company now owns two Pixel Factory suites in Mumbai, where the Street Factory has also been installed.

Rolta is using these cutting-edge technologies extensively for large and sophisticated projects, especially in the Middle East.

K K Singh, Chairman and CEO of Rolta India Limited stated: We have been continuously introducing state-of-the-art technologies in our Enterprise Geospatial Information Solutions business line. The Pixel Factory software suite, today enriched with the Street Factory will enable Rolta to provide a very high end Digital Photogrammetry workflow that would ensure superior map products.


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