AgEagle Launches New Industry Standard for High Performance, High Resolution Multispectral Sensors for Commercial Drone Applications

by | Sep 9, 2021

WICHITA, Kan.- AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (AgEagle or the Company), an industry-leading provider of drones, sensors and software, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, MicaSense, Inc. (MicaSense), plans to expand its line of sensor solutions with the launch of its next generation of high performance multispectral sensors, providing the best economics, highest resolution and most extensive data analysis capabilities of any multispectral drone sensors offered in the market today.   

Brandon Torres Declet, Chief Executive Officer of AgEagle, stated, Through its unrelenting commitment to innovation and excellence, MicaSense has earned its reputation as a global leader in the delivery of best-in-class drone sensor solutions designed for optimal spectral and spatial resolution for the precision agriculture industry.  With the upcoming commercial launch of its line of next generation multispectral drone sensor technologies, alongside exciting new RTK (Real-Time Kinemetic) capabilities, we expect that MicaSense will establish entirely new performance standards for data quality, accuracy, repeatability and analytical insight for uses in agriculture, hydrological modeling, forest mapping, surveying, land use, vegetation tracking, species inventory management and biodiversity conservation, among others. 

According to a March 2021 report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global drone sensors market is projected to reach $2.34 billion by 2028, reflecting a CAGR of 25.08% over its forecasted period of 2020-2028. Multispectral sensors used in precision agriculture capture information that cannot be seen by the human eye, enabling early detection of potentially costly issues like plant disease, water stress, pest infestation, nutrient deficiencies and more.  However, beyond agriculture, drone sensors are proving to be mission critical tools, empowering a broad range of industry verticals with deep data perspective, cost and safety benefits and greater workflow efficiencies.   

Over the next three months, MicaSense will commence the global roll-out of its next generation multispectral sensors, unveiling detailed specifications, functionality and user benefits upon launch of each new sensor. 

In addition, MicaSense  will be releasing a new firmware update that will provide users of Altum™ and RedEdge-MX™ Skyport integrations with high quality and precisely geotagged multispectral data. The Skyport connector facilitates data transmission, communication and precision time and position synchronization between the drone and MicaSense sensors, requiring only a firmware update to access centimeter-level GPS accuracy on supported DJI drones. Access to RTK data reduces or eliminates the need for time-consuming deployment and marking of ground control points, unlocking the ability to precisely align datasets for robust time series analysis. The higher GPS accuracy will also allow for more precise fertilizer and herbicide applications by enabling RTK precision maps to drive RTK-equipped tractors and spraying drones. RTK support will be available with the upcoming release of version 7.4.0 of the RedEdge firmware and version 2.4.0 of Altum.

About MicaSense, Inc. 
MicaSense, an AgEagle company, is at the forefront of multispectral sensor development for vegetative analysis, providing high quality drone-based cameras to a global market. Designed to be highly adaptable for integration with a variety of platforms, MicaSense sensors are used by researchers, drone service providers and growers in a multitude of industry applications. RedEdge, the company's leading sensor, is in its fifth iteration (RedEdge-MX). RedEdge-MX is integrated with over 150 different drones and has been featured in over 100 research publications globally. With MicaSense products, researchers, land managers, and growers can capture and analyze data on plant stress, growth stage, disease, nutrient deficiencies and more. Visit¯¯for more information. 

About AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc.
AgEagle and its wholly owned subsidiaries, MicaSense and Measure Global, are actively engaged in designing and delivering best-in-class drones, sensors and software that solve important problems for our customers. Founded in 2010, AgEagle was originally formed to pioneer proprietary, professional-grade, fixed-winged drones and aerial imagery-based data collection and analytics solutions for the agriculture industry.  Today, AgEagle. is a leading provider of full stack drone solutions for customers worldwide in the energy, construction, agriculture, and government verticals.  For additional information, please visit our websites at and

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