2d3 Sensing Launches Second Generation Reticle Georegistration

by | Mar 26, 2014

Irvine, Calif., March 19, 2014”2d3 Inc. (dba 2d3 Sensing) announced the launch of a new version of Reticle Georegistration. This enhancement is part of the latest release of its motion imagery processing, exploitation, and dissemination product suite: TacitViewâ„¢ 3.3, Catalinaâ„¢ 3.2, and Tungstenâ„¢ 3.4.

First launched in May 2013, 2d3 Sensing's Reticle improves geospatial metadata for use in mapping, targeting, and correcting metadata errors typical of aerial full motion video platforms. With this new release, 2d3 Sensing has extended this feature by introducing tools within the TacitView user interface that allow analysts to provide tie-points between the tactical imagery and the reference map. The result is a more rapid feature tracking solution, which enables the system to achieve georegistration with minimal latency.

We have always taken the view that it is not good enough to simply provide ˜black box' solutions to hard problems, because the simple fact is that data in the field is different than data in the lab.  When a user is in the field, they need the ability to work with the system to ˜tune' towards a usable output, said Jon Damush, president of 2d3 Sensing. By adding tie-point support into Reticle, we are now allowing the user to influence the solution provided, which will produce useful results in a much wider range of real-world aerial imaging missions.

In addition to the latest Reticle enhancements, the most recent release of 2d3 Sensing's ITAR-free product suite also includes the following updates:

  • Still Image Mosaicking

Still Image Mosaicking, a feature that stitches multiple still images together to form one large cohesive image, is now available as a web-enabled service within Catalina. This allows users to easily integrate the functionality of Still Image Mosaicking into their workflow. Users can utilize the interface provided, or use Catalina's SOAP API to plug and play this powerful capability into their own front-end applications.

  • Still Image Georectification 

Many times, a geo-located image needs to be produced from imagery with poor or no metadata. TacitView now features a brand new capability that allows users to capture a still image from an FMV source and manually indicate tie-points between the captured image and a user-sourced reference map. This provides the advantage of quickly producing situational awareness, regardless of whether the raw imagery contains metadata.

  • TacitView Software Development Kit (SDK)

TacitView has been designed from day 1 with a plug-in architecture to allow for the rapid development of new capabilities, without requiring comprehensive changes to the software core or framework.  This architecture is now open to select customers through a software development kit (SDK) that allows users to write their own plug-ins for TacitView and customize capabilities according to their specific needs.

About 2d3 Sensing

2d3 Sensing is an agile commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology provider specializing in software products for processing, exploitation, and dissemination of motion imagery and metadata. Using innovative vision science techniques and standards-based media management capabilities, 2d3 Sensing improves and extracts the information contained in motion imagery for better situational awareness and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mission results.  2d3 Sensing offers stand-alone software products, software development kits (SDKs), and customized software solutions through 2d3 Sensing's Delivery Teams.  For more information, please visit www.2d3sensing.com or call (949) 540-0740.