1Spatial adds support for GeoPackage and other data formats

by | Jan 31, 2022

Cambridge, UK –  (www.1spatial.com) 1Spatial, the global geospatial software and solutions leader, are increasing the capability of the 1Spatial Platform, with new and improved data formats, and enhanced security settings.

1Integrate is our patented rules engine which automatically validates, corrects, transforms and integrates spatial and non-spatial enterprise data. Version 3.1 now supports new data store formats (GeoPackage, MySQL, MariaDB and MS Access) and existing data stores have been improved. It is now easy to write changes back to an Esri File Geodatabase without the need for costly third-party libraries for this and many other formats. Security enhancements include securely signed tamper-proof release artefacts, library security updates and stronger password encryption settings.

1Data Gateway is our self-service web-portal for spatial data validation, processing, and analytics. 1Data Gateway 2.4.2 has been updated to take advantage of 1Integrate's new features. It now automates some maintenance and submission tasks, has extended submission API capabilities and supports Docker deployments.

Ricardo Cifres, Product Manager at 1Spatial says: Data security and validity are cornerstones of our ongoing development plans for the 1Spatial Platform. Our increased use of Docker make shipping and installing our applications simpler than ever.

Bob Chell, CPO for 1Spatial commented: Adding these latest data store formats and reducing the need for third-party libraries has simplified many project workflows and opened up many exciting opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about 1Integrate, and the rest of the 1Spatial Platform, please get in touch.

About 1Spatial – Unlocking the Value of Location Data

1Spatial is a global leader in providing Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software, solutions and business applications, primarily to the Government, Utilities and Transport sectors via the 1Spatial Platform. Our solutions ensure data governance, facilitating the efficient, effective and sustainable operation of customers around the world. Our global clients include national mapping and land management agencies, utility companies, transportation organisations, government and defence departments.

Today, when using and sharing trusted data provides significant opportunities for businesses and governments to deliver against important sustainability and Net Zero goals, our vision is clear – to make the world safer, smarter and more sustainable by unlocking the value in data, enabling better decisions and greater insights.

The 1Spatial Platform is a comprehensive set of data and system agnostic LMDM software components which helps ensure master data is compliant, current, complete, consistent, and coordinated – and that customers can be confident it will remain that way as it evolves. It allows them to master their data on any device, anywhere, anytime and can be deployed as SaaS in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid of both.

Our domain expertise and data agnostic approach allows us to be an integral and important part of the Geospatial Ecosystem, supporting the wider digital economy. We partner with major technology consultancies and GIS providers such as ESRI and bring together our people, innovative solutions, industry knowledge and experience from our extensive customer base to deliver world class solutions.

1Spatial is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with operations in the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Belgium, Tunisia, and Australia.

For more information visit www.1spatial.com


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