UTC Aerospace Systems’ TASE 500 Imaging Systems Selected for the Cirrus Perception Special Missions Platform

by | Jul 15, 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 15, 2015 ” UTC Aerospace Systems is providing Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 and TASE400 imaging system options for the new Cirrus Aircraftâ„¢ Perception Special Mission Aircraft. Cirrus Aircraft has selected the TASE imaging systems for its advanced observation aircraft because they provide an all-HD imaging solution giving operators improved situational awareness, an all-digital imaging chain for maximized processing capability and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“The Cloud Cap TASE imaging products have a long history of providing advanced imagery in special mission operations around the world. Supporting these technologies with the Cirrus Perception is a natural fit, as the total package will deliver the capability, quality and reliability our customers demand for their missions,” commented David Moser, vice president of Fleet and Special Mission Aircraft for Cirrus Aircraft.

All TASE cameras offer a continuous zoom functionality which provides optimal field of view across all zoom levels. The system also includes the ViewPoint user interface software tool which provides Tactical PED (Processing Exploitation and Dissemination) giving operators the ability to multi task, record and disseminate critical data for use when needed.

The low weight and cost-efficient TASE imaging systems can see in total darkness and through nearly all weather conditions. The daylight camera provides superior high-definition imagery for enhanced situational awareness. Cirrus Perception operators will benefit from the same features many law enforcement and military aircraft enjoy, including the ability to automatically and clearly track fixed or moving targets of interest, and easily mark and report the location of activity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Cirrus Aircraft is recognized as a leader in general aviation and innovation and we are honored to partner on the Cirrus Perception configuration. We look forward to supporting Cirrus Aircraft with the growing airborne imaging needs of this industry,” said John Trezza, vice president, ISR & Space Systems.

UTC Aerospace Systems designs, manufactures and services integrated systems and components for the aerospace and defense industries.  UTC Aerospace Systems supports a global customer base, with significant worldwide manufacturing and customer service facilities.

United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Connecticut, provides high-technology systems and services to the building and aerospace industries. To learn more about UTC, visit the website at www.utc.com or follow the company on Twitter: @UTC.


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