URISA Announces Election Results

by | Sep 5, 2023

URISA is pleased to announce the results of its 2023 URISA Board of Directors’ election. John Nolte will serve in the position of President-Elect and Christina Brunsvold, Adam Carnow, and Clinton Johnson will serve as Directors. They will all begin their three-year terms at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2023 in Columbus, Ohio.

John Nolte, GISP – GIS Manager, Denver Water, Denver, Colorado

“It is a privilege to have been chosen as the President-Elect of URISA. I am excited to begin my term and continue to support the organization’s great vision and strategic goals. I am committed to carrying these goals through to all of URISA’s chapters and members including our international chapters. URISA is looking to continue to grow and support geospatial professionals at all levels of their careers. We are excited to launch a new branding strategy, implement new ideas around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and develop new education programs. I am confident that URISA is embarking on an incredible journey, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

John will serve as President-Elect for one year and his term as President will begin at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2024 (in Portland, Maine).

Newly-elected URISA Directors:

• Christina Brunsvold, GISP – Information Technology Specialist, California Highway Patrol, Sacramento, California

• Adam Carnow, GISP, AICP – Public Works Industry Specialist, Esri, Charlotte, North Carolina

• Clinton Johnson – Founder, NorthStar of GIS and Solution Architect and Racial Equity & Social Justice Team Lead, Esri, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania

Last year, Thomas P. Fisher, AICP, GISP (Enterprise Geospatial Technologies Administrator, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio) was elected by the membership as President-Elect and he will begin his term as President of URISA at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2023. Ashley Hitt GISP (Senior Vice President of Program Management, Cultivate Geospatial Solutions, Louisville, Kentucky) will become Immediate Past-President at that time.

At the close of GIS-Pro 2023, the terms of service for these URISA Board members will conclude and we thank them all, in advance, for their amazing dedication and service to URISA:

• Immediate Past President: Brent Jones, PE, PLS – Global Manager, Land Records/Cadastre, Esri, Wakefield, Rhode Island

• Board Treasurer: Stephen Steinberg, PhD, GISP – Geographic Information Officer, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California

• Kathryn Brewer, GISP – Principal, Spatial Relationships LLC, Boston, Massachusetts

• Xan Fredericks, GISP – Tallahassee, Florida



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