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March 8, 2018
TCarta to Highlight Safety Benefits of Marine Geospatial Products & Services for Maritime Operations at Oceanology International 2018

BRISTOL, United Kingdom – TCarta, a global provider of marine geospatial products, will highlight the uses of its Global GIS Bathymetry Package, Marine Basemap, and Satellite Derived Bathymetry datasets for safe and profitable operations of maritime vessels in coastal environments at Oceanology International. The conference and exhibition will be held March 13-15, 2018, in London.


TCarta personnel will be staffing Stand A30 in the Oceanology exhibit hall to demonstrate the ease with which TCarta’s marine geospatial products may be accessed online and downloaded into common GIS and mapping software. In addition, TCarta will discuss recent applications of its products and services by operators of maritime vessels, including MG3 Survey UK Limited, a marine geoscience survey firm that will also be exhibiting at Oceanology International.


“We routinely use the TCarta products to plan survey lines during the bidding process to ensure our projects are profitable,” said Steve Jackson, MG3 Group Quality Health & Safety Manager. “Then we rely on the TCarta bathymetric data to keep our vessels operating safely in the near-shore shallow-water environments.”


In addition to maritime safety applications, the TCarta products and services are used extensively in offshore geologic analysis, pipeline routing, fisheries evaluation, energy project siting, infrastructure development, coastal defense and dredging operations.


“TCarta Marine Geospatial Products and Services are ideal for enhancing the safety of maritime vessels and infrastructure development projects because these datasets offer excellent resolution and accuracy at a great price,” said TCarta CEO David Critchley.


At Oceanology International, TCarta will highlight its Global GIS Bathymetry Package comprised of GIS-ready 90-meter-resolution Digital Bathymetry Model with spot-depth values, contour lines and high-resolution shorelines. These data are derived from a variety of sources including nautical charts, single- and multibeam survey data, Lidar, satellite derived bathymetry, altimetry data, and seismic survey derived depths. The dataset includes worldwide coverage from the shoreline to the continental shelf.


Another product vital to safe offshore operations is the TCarta Marine Basemap, a uniform GIS base layer that gives context to maritime projects. Offered as an annual subscription on either Global or Regional extent, the Basemap is derived from the best bathymetry sources to create a robust marine information source that exceeds any publicly available datasets.


“We offer the GIS Bathymetry Package and Marine Basemap as subscription services where the datasets stream directly to the customer’s desktop,” said Critchley. “TCarta continuously updates the data so the client never has to worry about the information getting old.”


TCarta also creates Satellite Derived Bathymetry products by extracting accurate seafloor depth measurements, as well as seabed surface classifications, from high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery. The generated bathymetric data has accuracies as good as +/- 10% of depth and can be used to map features beyond 20 meters of water depth in clear conditions. Captured at about one tenth the cost of airborne or shipborne water depth data, the TCarta product can be made available in clear waters worldwide, even in situations where conditions restrict air and marine operations.


For more information on Oceanology International, visit Please visit TCarta in stand A30 and MG3 in stand G351.


TCarta will also be showcasing its entire line of Marine Geospatial Products and Services at the 2018 GXP Explorer Conference in San Diego, California, on March 19.


About TCarta (

TCarta was established when TCarta Marine U.S. merged with Proteus Geo UK to create global bathymetric and marine datasets extending from the shallow coastal zone to the continental shelf. The international firm maintains offices in Denver, Colorado, and Bristol, UK. The TCarta product lines includes high-resolution satellite-derived water depth and seafloor map products as well as 90- and 30-metre GIS-ready bathymetric data aggregated from numerous information sources.

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