Space Foundation To Feature National Space Day With US Space Command on Symposium 365 Digital Platform

by | May 6, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. ” Space Foundation, a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, today released the upcoming event schedule for Symposium 365, the premier source for media and events in the global space ecosystem. Professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and students gain unlimited access to the Symposium 365 Digital Platform for one year by registering at

Upcoming online events include:

  • National Space Day (Presented in Association With U.S. Space Command)

May 7, 2021, 8-10 a.m. EDT

Registration and live feed:

Join Space Foundation on National Space Day as we discuss the past, present and future of U.S. Space Command.

Featured speakers:

  • Maj. Gen. DeAnna Burt, USSF – Deputy Commander, Space Operations Command/Commander, Combined Force Space Component Command, USSPACECOM
    ¢ GEN. James Dickinson, USA – Commander, USSPACECOM
    ¢ Brig. Gen. Gregory Gagnon, USAF – Director of Intelligence, USSPACECOM
    ¢ Maj. Gen. William Holt, USAF – Director Operations, Training and Force Development, USSPACECOM
    ¢ BG Thomas James – Commander, Joint Task Force-Space Defense, USA
    ¢ Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, Deputy Director of Intelligence and DNI Representative, USSPACECOM
    ¢ Brig. Gen.(s) Devin Pepper, USSF – Deputy Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate, USSPACECOM
    ¢ MGySgt Scott Stalker, USMC – Command Senior Enlisted Leader, USSPACECOM
    ¢ Mr. Robert Thomas – Associate Director, Capability and Resource Integration Directorate, USSTRATCOM
    ¢ Gp. Capt. Darren Whiteley – Deputy Director, Combined Space Operations Center, RAF
  • New Generation Space Leaders Panel “ Life in the Extreme: The Fundamentals of Surviving and Thriving

May 13, 2021, 1-2 p.m. EDT

Registration and live feed:

Understanding how life can survive in harsh environments and how we can apply that knowledge to space exploration is critical to the success of other planetary habitation. Join us as experts discuss how they search for life in extreme environments, similar to what we anticipate finding on other planets, and how that life can survive and thrive.

Moderator and featured speaker:

  • Dr. Trista J. Vick-Majors, assistant professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University
    ¢ Dr. Scott Perl, research scientist, geobiology and astrobiology, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Panel “ The Space Beat: Today's Space Reporters Speak

May 19, 2021, 1-2 p.m. EDT

Registration and live feed:

Hear from the reporters chronicling today's space story, with more players and events involved than ever before, and learn about how they approach telling these stories.

Moderator and featured speakers:

  • Jeanne Meserve, homeland security expert/analyst, former correspondent/anchor, CNN, ABC
    ¢ Sandra Erwin, national security reporter, SpaceNews
    ¢ Emre Kelly, space reporter, Florida Today
    ¢ Miriam Kramer, space reporter, Axios
    ¢ Michael Sheetz, space reporter, CNBC

Recent Symposium 365 Digital Platform events have included a panel discussion on the changing landscape of satellite market opportunities in various sectors, a New Generation Space Leaders Panel with young professional engineers sharing their work on space innovations, a conversation with Brig. Gen. Heather L. Pringle, USAF, about the work of the Air Force Research Library, and much more. All events are available for registrants to watch at their scheduled times or later on demand as desired. Symposium 365 Digital Platform also offers archived videos from past Space Symposium live events.


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