RIEGL with Impressive Display at INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart

by | Sep 15, 2015

September 15, 2015 ” On the first day of INTERGEO RIEGL delivered an impressive display in Stuttgart! With a special UAV-area at booth E4.079, live demo UAV-flights at the outdoor area, and the unveiling of new, advanced products, RIEGL attracted the attention of INTERGEO visitors.

The main news to come out of INTERGEO is the release of the RIEGL VZ-400i 3D Laser Scanner. It is the evolution of RIEGL's proven VZ-400 ultra-versatile terrestrial laser scanner; now even better, faster, and more user friendly. The VZ-400i is redefining productivity!

With its advanced processing technology, data acquisition and simultaneous geo-referencing, filtering and analysis become real-time. Cloud Connectivity via Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, MEMS IMU for pose estimation, as well as a high-end camera option and advanced flexibility through support for external peripherals are the basis for an extremely fast, effective and user friendly workflow. The compact and robust housing comes in a new, attractive design. The VZ-400i offers ultra-high speed data acquisition at up to 1.2 MHz Pulse Repetition Rate, an accuracy of survey-grade 5mm and delivers reliable scan data based on RIEGL's proprietary know-how in laser scanning technology.

The RIEGL VZ-400i is the fastest end-to-end terrestrial scanning system on the market; it sets the benchmark in 3D Laser Scanning, again!

After last year's presentation of the RiCOPTER, the first fully integrated UAV-based LiDAR surveying solution from one manufacturer, RIEGL today proudly showcased its latest development in UAS-based laser scanning: the RIEGL BathyCopter.

The BathyCopter is the world's first Small-UAV-based surveying system capable of measuring through the water surface, ideally suited for generating profiles of rivers or water reservoirs. The robust and reliable platform design integrates the topo-bathymetric green laser depth-meter, an IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit and a digital camera.

The RIEGL INTERGEO booth 2015 this year comes with a special UAV island with RiCOPTER, Bathycopter, and partner UAVs on display. Swiss Aeroscout is showing the VUX-1UAV in their Scout B1-100 and French Delair-Tech is displaying the VUX-1UAV in their fixed wing, long endurance UAV DT26X demonstrating the versatility of the RIEGL VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor.

At INTERGEO's UAV Flight zone the outstanding flight performance of RIEGL's RiCOPTER will be demonstrated during several demo flights.

Additional news from the airborne side: RIEGL announced the introduction of the VQ-880-G Topo-Bathymetric Airborne Laser Scanning System now equipped with an optional infrared channel to supplement the data acquired by the green laser and to further increase data reliability and quality.

In addition to all of the new hardware announcements, RIEGL also presented new, exciting software, including the new RIEGL Database (RDB) Format 2.0 offering one Level of Detail (LOD), additional point attributes, metadata information, and SDK for 3rd party support. RIEGL's software package RiSCAN PRO 2.2 already supports the new RDB 2.0 format for improved visualization and full attribute support! For ALS and MLS the streamlined algorithm of RiWORLD 5.0 processes files 60% faster and when combined with the new RiPROCESS, improves performance by up to 300%!

In addition to the comprehensive RIEGL product portfolio itself, RIEGL demonstrates the importance on the cooperation with numerous partner companies related in the surveying and GIS industry. Meet the following renowned companies directly at the RIEGL booth: Airborne Hydro Mapping, MILAN Geoservice, PHOCAD, Aeroscout, and GeoInfo.

For more information please visit www.riegl.com .


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