Quantum Spatial CTO Terry Keating Retires

by | Nov 19, 2013

Sheboygan, Wis., Nov. 13, 2013”After a 32 year career, the current Chief Technology Officer of Quantum Spatial, Inc., Dr. Terrence Keating, has decided to step down from his daily involvement with the company operation. ¨¨Dr. Keating joined Quantum Spatial (then Aero-Metric, Inc.) in 2007 after an already remarkable career in the geospatial services profession. Prior to joining Quantum Spatial, Dr. Keating founded and worked for a number of notable firms, accumulating an impressive list of accolades and professional recognition along the way.

Dr. Keating started his professional career in academia, receiving his PhD in photogrammetry and remote sensing in 1975. He went on to be a professor in the same field, and was one of the founders of the University of Maine at Orono's Spatial Information Science and Engineering Department. An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Keating founded Kork Systems in 1981 leveraging the innovative software he had developed and that pioneered what was to become the digital revolution in photogrammetry.

After selling Kork to Autometric Inc. in 1994, Dr. Keating started his professional consulting practice at Lucerne International. Dr. Keating has served as executive and advisor to several geospatial technology and services firms, most notably Integraph Corporation, where he served as Executive Vice President and Z/I Imaging where he was Chairman.

Beginning in 2007, Dr. Keating served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Quantum Spatial. During his tenure at Quantum Spatial, Dr. Keating was instrumental in the adoption of several key new technologies and platforms, process improvements, and strategic partnerships, as well as the implementation of a company-wide quality assurance system.

I am stepping down from my daily duties at Quantum Spatial, but will continue to be engaged in the profession and the firm as an investor and advisor to the firm, said Keating. Dr. Keating will also continue his involvement in the geospatial profession including ASPRS where he has participated since 1971 and MAPPS where he has been a member since 1989.

Terry has not only made significant contributions to Quantum Spatial, but also the geospatial services profession as a whole. He is a valued colleague, whose knowledge and experience lead to significant growth and modernization of our technical capabilities, Pat Olson, president and CEO of Quantum Spatial said. We wish Terry the best as he enters the next phase of his career.

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