PrecisionPoint Hires 3D Scanning Industry Veteran to Expand Line of 3D Reality Capture Services

by | Oct 27, 2016

PrecisionPoint Inc., a provider of 3D reality capture and BIM Modeling solutions, is pleased to announce the hiring of Pete Abraham, an expert in 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling technologies. With a background in terrestrial, mobile and drone-based imagery, Abraham will play a crucial role as PrecisionPoint expands into new reality capture markets.In his new position as Senior Project Manager at PrecisionPoint, Abraham has been given the responsibility of overseeing and ensuring the success of key 3D scanning and BIM (building information modeling) projects. In addition, he will assume some business development and recruiting duties as PrecisionPoint enters a phase of significant growth.

Pete brings a wealth of laser scanning experience that will enable us to enhance offerings to our core 3D laser scanning and scan-to-BIM clients in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), said Mark Hanna, PrecisionPoint CEO and Founder. In addition, Pete's expertise in emerging technologies and business development will help us as we serve new application areas, including 3D mapping of construction sites and inspection services with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Abraham joined PrecisionPoint after holding several high-profile positions in the 3D laser scanning industry. Most recently, Abraham worked at Bond Brothers, a Boston-area construction services company, where he specialized in Virtual Design & Construction and was introduced to the application of UAVs for site monitoring. Prior to Bond, Abraham focused on the use of 3D laser scanners in civil engineering projects for Surveying and Mapping Consultants in Massachusetts. In that position, he also implemented and worked extensively with mobile LiDAR mapping technologies.

Among his most notable previous positions, Abraham served as a Sales Manager for FARO, a Florida-based provider of high-precision terrestrial laser scanning equipment. During his seven years at FARO, he worked closely with the PrecisionPoint team during its start-up phase.

PrecisionPoint has the team and expertise in place to significantly expand its offerings to the 3D scanning and BIM markets, said Abraham. My job is to help drive our transition as we adopt new technologies for 3D reality capture in a variety of new applications and markets.

PrecisionPoint will soon introduce a new reality capture service to augment its core business providing 360-degree imagery captured by UAVs, or drones, for construction progress documentation and inspection services. The 3D site data will be collected periodically during the construction process to save time and money by ensuring the as-built work matches the engineering design and for critical inspection and documentation of difficult to measure infrastructure.

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Based in Carmel, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis, PrecisionPoint Inc. delivers turnkey 3D laser scanning services and reality capture solutions and actionable data that empowers AEC professionals to reliably document, design and build. Founded in 2009, PrecisionPoint has assembled a team of experts in the surveying and laser scanning field who provide a full spectrum of 3D scanning, 3D existing conditions modeling, scan-to-BIM and reality capture solutions for AEC projects related to Healthcare, Industrial Plants, Forensics and Architectural & Historic Preservation.


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