PCI Geomatics to Present OBIA, InSAR, and Compact Polarimetry Papers at Canadian EO Summit

by | Jun 22, 2017

MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics, a world-leading developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced today it will present three papers and provide a detailed InSAR tutorial at the 2017 Earth Observation Summit in Montreal, Canada. The event runs from June 20-22, 2017.

The following papers will be presented:

  • Automated InSAR Processing and Temporal Analysis for the Monitoring of Oil Field Subsidence caused by Steam Injection, by John Wessels (PCI Geomatics), Gordon Staples (MDA Corporation) and Kevin Jones (PCI Geomatics) on  Tuesday June 20, 11:00, in room SH-3620
  • Using Machine Learning and GEOBIA for the Automation of Land Cover Classification with a Time Series of LANDSAT and SENTINEL 2 Data, by Wolfgang Luck and Masroor Hussain (PCI Geomatics) on  Tuesday June 20, 16:30, in room SH-2420
  • Comparison of Different Compact Polarimetry Modes in respect to the Full Polarization for the Identification and Characterization of the Land Use Classes, by Gabriel Gosselin and John Wessels (PCI Geomatics) on  Thursday June 22, 13:30, in room SH-3220

In addition to the oral paper presentations that will feature the latest software and validation work done with PCI Geomatics software, PCI Geomatics will offer an InSAR tutorial through the dedicated SAR tutorials session being held on  Friday June 23, 09:00, in room SH-3620. The session will focus on the use of the new Geomatica InSAR module to produce deformation and topographic products.

All presenters will be showcasing the scientific rigor applied to, the operational nature of, and the ease of use of InSAR, Compact Polarimetry and Object Analyst modules. PCI Geomatics is also an exhibitor at the EO Summit “  booth 4&5. Participants can contact the presenters during the event to discuss the presentations and the new capabilities of InSAR, Compact Polarimetry and Object Analyst in Geomatica.

For complete information about the EO Summit, visit  www.crss-sct.ca/conferences/csrs2017.

About PCI Geomatics
PCI Geomatics is a world-leading developer of software and systems for remote sensing, imagery processing, and photogrammetry.  With more than 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry, PCI is recognized globally for its excellence in providing software for accurately and rapidly processing satellite and aerial imagery.  There are more than 30,000 PCI licenses, in over 150 countries worldwide. Find out more about PCI Geomatics at  www.pcigeomatics.com.


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