Microsoft Web Seminar to Examine the New UltraCam Osprey Prime and UltraMap 3.2

by | Apr 30, 2014

GRAZ, Austria, April 29, 2014”At the ASPRS conference in Louisville, Kentucky, Microsoft's UltraCam business unit introduced an updated version of the UltraCam Osprey, a digital aerial system that combines a high performing photogrammetric nadir camera with oblique image capture capabilities. The new version of the UltraCam Osprey has been redesigned with an 80mm focal length to enhance its nadir collection performance at higher altitudes without reducing resolution and the forward- and backward-looking cameras are redesigned to be single cones instead of two double cones to simplify the hardware and improve reliability.

The UltraCam Osprey is also fully supported in the UltraMap workflow software system. The ability to perform aerotriangulation (AT) and dense matching allows for the creation of high accuracy point clouds, DSM, DTM, DSMorthos and DTMorthos (traditional orthos).

In this web seminar we will talk about:

¢             General camera design

¢             Special features

¢             Sample images

¢             Achieved accuracies shown with a sample project

¢             Integration into the UltraMap workflow

Join Microsoft's UltraCam experts in this 45-minute session to learn how you can optimize image quality flying an UltraCam.

Don't miss this opportunity to see our latest technological advancements to get your questions answered directly from our experts!


Alexander Wiechert, Business Manager

Michael Gruber, Chief Scientist

Who should attend:

Aerial mapping companies, Departments of Transportation, Surveyors, Photogrammetrists, organizations planning for digital camera operation and production.

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