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March 5, 2014
MDA Announces Upcoming Geospatial Services Webinar Series

Richmond, BC, Feb. 27, 2014—MDA’s Information Systems group (MDA) announced today that they will be hosting an exciting range of informative geospatial webinars.

Throughout 2014, you are invited to join MDA’s geospatial experts for an engaging series of webinar discussions on our range of advanced solutions using spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

March 27: MDA Solutions for Elevation Modeling (DEMs)

Join us on Thursday, March 27th, for an informative discussion about MDA’s world-class capability for delivering large scale Digital Elevation Models (DEM). During this interactive session, MDA’s DEM team will give an overview of our capabilities (new collections, DEM Archive), discuss the benefits of using RADARSAT-2 SAR data for DEMs and review a case study of a recent implementation of a National DEM project. The team will be available to answer your questions and explain how MDA can help you to address your mapping requirements.

April 17: RADAR Data Applications

The RADARSAT-2 SAR satellite images the Earth in a variety of imaging modes, capturing a unique view of the Earth’s surface at resolutions from 1 m to 100 m. This imaging flexibility makes RADARSAT-2 one of the most capable commercial SAR sensors, and enables the creation of solutions for a variety of different markets. Join us on Thursday, April 17th for an overview of the products and services offered by MDA Geospatial Services. Our Product team will deliver an overview of the RADARSAT-2 sensor, identify the primary markets serviced by MDA and provide examples of the products and services offered.

May 29: MDA BlueHawk Maritime Domain Awareness

Join us on Thursday, May 29th for a discussion and demonstration of the MDA BlueHawk Online solution. MDA BlueHawk provides an unclassified multi-sensor Maritime Domain Awareness picture to maritime organizations worldwide. During this interactive session, the MDA BlueHawk team will describe the benefits of MDA’s solution as well as provide a demonstration of the advanced capabilities MDA BlueHawk offers to support sovereignty protection, environmental protection, counter trafficking and fisheries protection. The team will be available to answer your questions and explain how MDA can help address your maritime security requirements.

September 11: Solutions for Natural Resources Industries

Join us on Thursday, September 11th for an introduction to the products and services offered by MDA Geospatial Services for organizations responsible for managing and monitoring forests. RADARSAT-2, MDA’s SAR satellite, excels at wide area, high resolution imaging and is capable of covering large areas on a routine basis. In the Forestry sector, MDA Geospatial Services combines routine SAR imaging with advanced change detection algorithms to provide solutions for understanding forest change due to both natural and man-made causes. In this session, we will discuss the unique properties of RADARSAT-2 that make it ideal for forest monitoring, review our automated change detection capabilities and demonstrate how MDA’s Forest Monitoring solutions can provide a cost-effective way to monitor large areas of forest on a routine basis.

November 13: Solutions for Disaster Management and Response

The number of flood events occurring globally is rising almost every year, and the need for good information about these events is critical for a wide range of organizations. Join us on Thursday, November 13th for a discussion on how MDA Geospatial Services’ products and services can assist any organization responsible for managing flood events. We will discuss the development of Digital Elevation Models to provide an understanding of water flow in areas at risk; the creation of flood models to help with planning for disaster events, and an overview of our MDA FloodWatch services that combines routine monitoring with effective response when an event happens to deliver high resolution flood products in the hours after an event occurs.

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For those that cannot attend the live sessions, a recording will be made and published after each event.

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