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June 27, 2018
International Space University Confers Honorary Doctorate Degree Upon Michael Potter

DELFT, The Netherlands, June 27, 2018 – The International Space University (ISU) announced that the Board of Trustees has conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree to space and technology visionary and thought leader Michael Potter.

Michael Potter was presented the Doctorate of Space Achievement (honoris causa) from the International Space University, according to the award’s citation for, “distinguished accomplishments in support of humanity’s exploration and use of space.” 

Michael Potter is a Founder of the Non-Governmental Organization, Geeks Without Frontiers. Chairman of the ISU Board of Trustees Dr. Christian Sallaberger remarked, “This is a very well-deserved international recognition and honor for Michael Potter. He combines vision, impact and commercial skills in his effort to move humanity towards a truly multiplanetary species.  For decades, Michael Potter has informed, inspired and empowered the next generation of leaders.”

According to Dr. Sallaberger, “Michael Potter has championed critical space issues and projects on the international stage including his award winning documentary film, ‘Orphans of Apollo,’ the priority to return to the moon, the tireless advocacy for the elimination of anti-competitive monopoly behavior, cyber security, human rights and the need for village connectivity to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is the current Chancellor of the International Space University.  Arthur C. Clarke was the founding Chancellor of the university. Michael Potter becomes the 6th Honorary Doctorate conferred in ISU’s 30 year history. Other Honorees include: Dr. Peter Diamandis, Todd Hawley, as well as Astronauts Dr. Gregory Olsen and Anousheh Ansari. Michael Potter is a Non-Governmental Organization executive who has worked in the private sector, and collaborated with universities, national space agencies, the World Economic Forum, the UN and other global organizations. Michael Potter participated in ISU’s original inaugural Space Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1988.  He has given speeches at the National Academy of Sciences and at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Michael Potter is also a founder of the Ilan Ramon Scholarship at the ISU, and the Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship Project at the ISU.  These scholarships have raised more than a million dollars in tuition value and have sent 60 post-graduate students from Israel and India to the ISU.

More About the International Space University

ISU academic programs include the Master of Space Studies (MSS), Space Studies Program (SSP) and Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) as well as the Executive Space Course (ESC), with a growing number of participants, bringing the alumni count to over 4,400 graduates in over 100 countries.

More About Geeks Without Frontiers

GEEKS is an award-winning NGO focused on addressing global connectivity challenges with a view to closing the Digital Divide and facilitating the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2016 Geeks published a Model Law on “Dig Once” and in 2017, with the support of key players in the satellite sector, an award winning ‘Community Connect’ policy.  Both initiatives are designed to drive and inspire a global policy effort to close the digital divide by accelerating, respectively, fiber and satellite broadband connectivity. The publication of the “Dig Once” Model Law resulted in GEEKS being appointed to advise the US Federal Communications Commission as part of an expert team drafting a model law for all States designed to accelerate broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas.

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