INTERGEO Once Again the Largest Meeting Point for UAS Exhibitors

by | Aug 19, 2015

Stuttgart / Karlsruhe, August 19, 2015 ” The INTERGEO from 15 to 17 September in Stuttgart looks set to provide among others with interaerial SOLUTIONS platform the most comprehensive overview of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to date. The trend in these systems is moving towards integrated surveying solutions that both cover the complete workflow from flight planning to data evaluation and can be fully integrated into geodesy work processes. The first manufacturers are now also offering terms that make this an economic proposition even for small and medium-sized engineering offices.

For the first time, INTERGEO is bringing together the subject of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in a joint exhibition area in Hall 8 of Messe Stuttgart. For multicopters, helicopters or fixed wing aircraft, INTERGEO's status as a leading innovation platform has made it one of the most important meeting places for manufacturers and users of this new market segment over recent years. Just last year, INTERGEO was the largest UAS trade fair in the German-speaking region, with around 70 manufacturers of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and numerous service providers offering UAS-based applications.

Partnership with German-speaking association
INTERGEO now intends to expand this key position jointly with UAV-DACH e.V. The trade association for UAV systems in the German-speaking region plays an important role as partner to the trade fair. The association is not only hosting the specialist forum that is part of the interaerial SOLUTIONS exhibit, it has also made key contributions to establishing a flight zone right next to Hall 8 “ in an area that is immediately next to Stuttgart airport. This flight zone is a prime example of what is possible when a skilled partner organisation that is known for its safety works together with the relevant authorities for flight permits, says Uwe Nortmann, head of the UAV-DACH office.

This benefits both visitors and exhibitors “ including RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH, SenseFly, SPECTAIR GmbH & Co. KG, DroneDeploy, FlyTech UAV, SITEBOTS GmbH, Aibotix GmbH, Mavinci GmbH, GmbH, Ascending Technologies GmbH, Delair-Tech and others, who will be providing live demonstrations of just how integrated flight planning, flight mission, data recording and later data processing already are, including transfer to a full range of software solutions for GIS and surveying purposes.

Wherever there is a need for large-area surveys and orthophotos, UAS have long since become more than an exotic toy. They are now professional systems that can be easily integrated into users' work processes. And this is now also true for small and medium-sized engineering offices. Providers such as Brandenburg-based SITEBOTS GmbH, for example, are driving market development with an extremely aggressive pricing strategy for standard solutions.

UAS 2015: More potential applications and growing competition
At the same time, the possibilities of UAS technology are also growing in terms of flight times and thus the potential area that can be covered, while the precision of data recording is also growing. The Sirius Pro from Mavinci, for instance, is a flight system that uses integrated real time kinematics (RTK) to produce orthophotos and three-dimensional terrain models with an absolute precision of up to 1.6 centimetres “ and does so without using any ground control points. Again, this application is a fully integrated hardware and software solution covering everything from flight planning to post-processing.

Best practice in the specialist forum and the conference
More examples of best practice from manufacturers and service providers such as FlyTech UAV, Geosystems GmbH, Luftbild- und Luftvideotechnik Hablützel, DroneDeploy, SenseFly, Sitebots, SPECTAIR and the UAV-DACH association will be on show every day of the trade fair at the specialist forum, and of course at the stands of the various exhibitors. The UAS programme at INTERGEO will be rounded off by presentations during the INTERGEO conference. These will cover issues such as the development of a legal framework for the practical use of unmanned aircraft.
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