Innoviz Technologies to Host Interactive LiDAR Use-Case Demonstrations with Global Partners at the CES® 2023

by | Dec 21, 2022

  • Innoviz will host InnovizOne LiDAR demonstrations for non-automotive applications at its booth #6553 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 5-8, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Innoviz will also host partner presentations at its booth, showing how they are deploying Innoviz LiDAR products across industries.

TEL AVIV, Israel Innoviz Technologies (NASDAQ: INVZ) (the “Company” or “Innoviz”), a Tier-1 supplier of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, will host an exciting lineup of InnovizOne LiDAR demonstrations and presentations with its global partners at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 5-8, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

InnovizOne meets the automotive industry’s strictest requirements for performance and safety. It is rugged, affordable, power-efficient, lightweight, high-performing and seamlessly integratable, making it ideal for enabling a wide range of non-automotive use-cases that require mature solutions. Innoviz’s global partners are piloting InnovizOne for non-automotive applications, including smart cities, ports, infrastructure and industrial applications, delivery, and more.

“We’re thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge LiDAR technology enabling autonomy for a variety of non-automotive applications via our growing reach of customers and partners around the world,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz. “These engaging demonstrations and presentations at CES will convey the maturity of our LiDAR and highlight the breadth of applications it can support.”

Partner Demonstrations with InnovizOne

Live demonstrations will run throughout the show, from January 5-8, at Innoviz’s booth #6553.

  • Sensagrate will demo its Intelligent Transportation System solution, SensaVision, currently being piloted for smart city projects in California and Arizona to promote pedestrian and driver safety through intelligent traffic analytics and data collection. Sensagrate’s Sensavision platform, enabled by InnovizOne LiDAR, will be actively capturing and processing data during the show from atop a mock-up street pole for attendees to view the hardware, as well as what the hardware is “seeing” in real-time through a tablet.
  • HiRain Technologies will demo its five-in-one sensor unit in action, which uses InnovizOne LiDAR and its Convolutional Neural Network to unlock operational efficiency and port safety. Monitoring traffic from a bird’s eye view, this system is now being used at several ports in China to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risks and enhance worker safety.
  • Outsight, a European specialist in 3D spatial intelligence, will have its Spatial Intelligence Software on display at the booth, showcasing how its real-time edge processing and cloud capability is effectively integrating 3D InnovizOne LiDAR data for any infrastructure, industrial, or vehicle application.
  • Whale Dynamics will have its Level 4 InnovizOne LiDAR-enabled autonomous driving platform on display, which is designed for passenger vehicles, autonomous delivery vehicles, and drivable testing vehicles. Whale Dynamics team will share how the platform interprets a vehicle’s surroundings to guide vehicles using full-stack autonomous driving technology.

Innoviz will also host daily presentations at CES with its global partners. These informative sessions will delve further into the applications for Innoviz LiDAR solutions, including highlighting case studies from real-world project deployments. The full schedule is below.

Partner Presentation Schedule (Pacific Time)
All presentations will be followed by a brief Q&A session.

  • Thursday, January 5, 2023
              o  12:00 pm “ Sensagrate, Darryl Keeton, Founder and President: LiDAR and Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities
              o  2:00 pm “ Outsight, Brandyn Ryan, Product Specialist: LiDAR Pre-Processing Software for enabling Solution Developers and Integrators to build Robotics, Infrastructure or Industrial Applications
              o  3:30 pm “ Whale Dynamics, David Chang, CEO: Level 4 LiDAR-Enabled Autonomous Driving Platform for passenger vehicles, autonomous delivery vehicles, and drivable testing vehicles.
  • Friday, January 6, 2023
              o  12:00 pm – Mansoor Zaman, Strategic Partnerships: LiDAR for Ground Truth Camera Calibration and Multi-Sensor Solutions for OEMs
              o  Only Self-Driving Vehicles.
              o  2:00 pm – SpringCloud, Young-gi Song, CEO & Founder: Distributing LiDAR in the Korean Market and Integrating LiDAR for Autonomous Shuttles
              o  3:30 pm – Kudan, Tian HAO, CRO & EVP of Business Development: SLAM-based 3D Digital Mapping Solutions for HD Maps, Robotics, Construction, Surveying, “Digital Twinning” and “Industrial Metaverse” Applications
  • Saturday, January 7, 2023
              o  12:00 pm “ Exwayz, Hassan Bouchiba, CEO and Mathias Corsia, CTO: Plug-and-play perception software to enable Innoviz LiDARs accompanied with 3D mapping, localization, object detection, and classification for mobility applications
              o  2:00 pm – VueronJoseph Kim, CEO: Building an Autonomous Driving Platform for LiDAR-for passenger vehicles, autonomous delivery vehicles, and drivable testing vehicles.
              o  3:30 pm – LOXO, Amin Amini, Founder & CEO: LiDAR sensors unlocking Level 5 autonomy on LOXO’s zero-emission delivery vehicles

“We’re happy to collaborate with partners from a variety of industries and are excited to welcome them to our booth, as they present their use-case supported by Innoviz’s technology, said Tali Chen, Chief Business Officer at Innoviz. “We invite anyone who is interested to learn about the usage of LiDAR in ITS, Mapping, Maritime, smart infrastructure and so much more to join these live sessions.”

To schedule a meeting with Innoviz at CES or inquire about InnovizOne LiDAR for your business, email [email protected].

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Innoviz is a global leader in LiDAR technology, working towards a future with safe autonomous vehicles on the world’s roads. Innoviz’s LiDAR and perception software “see” better than a human driver and reduce the possibility of error, meeting the automotive industry’s strictest expectations for performance and safety. Operating across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Innoviz has been selected by internationally recognized premium car brands for use in consumer vehicles as well as by other commercial and industrial leaders for a wide range of use cases. For more information, visit

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