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April 25, 2017
Global Mapper and LiDAR Training is Coming to South Africa

Blue Marble Geographics  Partner SMC Synergy is leading the Advanced Global Mapper and LiDAR Module training classes that are being offered in Gauteng Province South Africa later this year. Global Mapper users will have an opportunity to learn and utilize some of the more powerful features and functions of the software.
 The program begins with an intensive two-day class covering all of the major components of Global Mapper using simulated real-world scenarios and workflows. The third day introduces the LiDAR Module and explores all aspects of LiDAR processing from initial data quality assurance to 3D analysis.

Location: Protea Hotel Midrand

Dates: June 6th through June 8th, 2017

Price: The price for the two day Advanced Training is R 6 000 plus VAT (which is R 6 840-00 incl.) The price for the one day LiDAR Module Training is R 3 500 plus VAT (which is R 3 990-00 incl.)

 For more information on the specific topics covered during the course or to register, visit:

 The instruction technique is hands-on so each attendee must bring a Windows-based laptop computer with the latest build of Global Mapper installed. If necessary, a temporary license file will be provided to enable all of the functionality of the software for the duration of the class.

 All attendees who successfully complete all three days will be issued an official certificate of completion and will be recognized as Certified Global Mapper users.

 Space is limited so be sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible. For more information, email Email Contact or call +1 (207) 622-4622.

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