GeoWorks Presents Asia's First Geospatial-Focused Week in Singapore

by | Sep 3, 2019

Asian geospatial professionals and enthusiasts will gather in Singapore for a week of exciting geospatial-related events and activities, when Singapore Geospatial Week launches from 2 – 6 September 2019.

  1. Presented by GeoWorks, Singapore's only geospatial-focused industry centre, managed and operated by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Singapore Geospatial Week will feature five intense days of events that celebrate and promote the importance and growth of geospatial technology, applications and data in Singapore.
  2. Geospatial adoption will increasingly be an important and critical component in Singapore's development and redevelopment of its infrastructure and industry. Ten leading companies will be organising geospatial-centric events during the week, with over 1,000 geospatial professionals and geospatial enthusiasts from Singapore and the region expected to participate in what will be seen as Asia's first geospatial-focused week.
  3. Singapore Geospatial Week will be anchored by a number of major events. For the geospatial professional, the week will feature the ESRI Singapore User Conference, held at Max Atria at the Singapore Expo on 3 September 2019, and the Location World geospatial trade show and conference at Amara Hotel from 5 “ 6 September 2019. In addition, companies such as GRAB and communities such as MaptimeSG will be organising geospatial mapathons and workshops that are open to the general public.
  4. GeoWorks will also be organising the first Regional Geospatial Youth Forum on 6 September 2019 at Amara Hotel, where young professionals and students from Singapore and various ASEAN countries will be able to showcase their projects and network among themselves. The event is designed to highlight the creativity and innovation of the next generation of young geospatial leaders in the region.
  5. SLA GeoSpatial & Data Director and Chief Data Officer Ng Siau Yong said, Geospatial technologies have advanced rapidly over the last few decades, as the demands for smart city solutions are growing due to the need to improve operational efficiency and manpower productivity. The aim of Singapore Geospatial Week is to generate a wider awareness of the importance of geospatial technology in Singapore and the region, as well as to increase the vibrancy of the local geospatial communities here, especially among the youth and young professionals.
  6. Visit for a full line-up of activities during Singapore Geospatial Week. (See Annex A for Event Highlights)

GeoWorks Celebrations First Anniversary

  1. To coincide with the launch of Singapore Geospatial Week, GeoWorks will be celebrating its first anniversary on 2 September 2019. GeoWorks was officially launched in July 2018. GeoWorks aims to connect businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to drive geospatial solutions for the promotion of business growth and opportunities in Singapore and around the region.
  2. GeoWorks currently houses 26 geospatial scale-ups (GeoTechs) and have the support of 20 geospatial partners (GeoPartners). Out of the 26 geospatial scale-ups, about 54% of them are local Singapore companies, with the rest coming from all over the world, in many cases, entering the Singapore and Southeast Asia markets for the first time.
  3. Since its launch, GeoWorks has hosted and/or organised over 280 events and activities, ranging from regional business and technical workshops to local learning journeys for schools and organisations.
  4. GeoWorks was set up by SLA as an initiative under the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan, which sets out the vision towards a ˜Geospatial-Powered Singapore'. The aim of the Geospatial Master Plan is to leverage on emerging technologies and to build geospatial competencies to address complex challenges and create opportunities. This is in line with the Digital Government Blueprint's strategy to raise Whole-of-Government's digital capabilities to pursue innovation, in support of Singapore's Smart Nation Drive.

Singapore Land Authority

23 August 2019

Annex A “ Singapore Geospatial Week Event Highlights

The Singapore Geospatial Week is presented by GeoWorks, a geospatial industry centre operated and managed by SLA. During the week, there will be a series of co-located geospatial and mapping workshops, sharing sessions and activities for industry specialists, developers, enthusiasts or anyone seeking to learn about the possibilities of location-based information and technology.

Below are the event highlights. Please check the GeoWorks website ( for the latest programme line-up.

#GeoWeek events

2-6 September 2019


ESRI Singapore User Conference

Date: 3 September 2019

Time: 10:00 AM “ 5:00 PM

Venue: MAX Atria @Singapore EXPO, 1 Expo Drive, #02-01, Singapore 486150 


The ESRI Singapore User Conference is Singapore's largest geospatial event highlighting how GIS technology drives achievements across a wide range of industries – locally and regionally. With the theme Inspiring Outcomes, ESUC 2019 explores how GIS technology is changing the way organisations operate and serve their communities today and for generations to come.

This one-day event features forward-thinking GIS users sharing their innovative solutions to real-world problems and gives you a front-row seat to the future of Smart with sessions on Living City Concept, Big Data and Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Teh-Tarik and English Tea Talk

Date: 3 September 2019

Time: 5:00 PM “ 7:30 PM

Venue: GeoWorks, PSA Building, Level 7

Registration details:

In partnership with UK-based Ordnance Survey and its incubation facility Geovation, GeoWorks will be hosting a Singapore-UK forum for geospatial companies looking to explore entering the Singapore market. Likewise, the forum is also geared towards helping Singapore geospatial companies expand into UK and Europe. The event is supported by the UK Department for International Trade. 


Grab Mapathon 

Date: 4 September 2019

Time: 2:00 PM “ 5:00 PM

Venue: 9 Straits View, Marina One West Tower, #23-07/12, Singapore 018937


Presented by Grab as a CSR initiative, Grab Mapathon participants will map ramps and sidewalks infrastructure in Singapore for improving accessibility for physically-challenged persons. 


Location World 2019

Date: 5-6 September 2019

Time: 9:00 AM “ 6:00 PM

Venue: Amara Singapore, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539


Location World is a platform to promote and share best practices of location technology. It brings together different industry genres under one roof to channel knowledge, showcase the latest technologies and promote dialogue on the challenges, opportunities and the future of location industry.

With the theme ˜The Future of Digital: Automated| Seamless| Real-Time', Location World 2019 will focus on the value of location technology in digital economy and its integration with emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G, cloud, etc. The conference will focus on two major segments: Smart Cities and Business Enterprises (BFSI, advertising, logistics & supply chain, retail, and others). 


Regional Geospatial Youth Forum (RGYF)

Date: 6 September 2019

Time: 9:00 AM “ 5:00 PM

Venue: Amara Singapore & GeoWorks, PSA Building, Level 7

The RGYF will see young Geospatial professionals from around the region gather and share their experiences through a series of conversations, geospatial project showcase and interactive workshops. Focusing on three key principles: Innovate digital solutions for a dynamic environment, Collaborate to address common issues and Inspire the next generation of Geospatial professionals – the forum aims to build a community of passionate Geospatial champions. 

Geospatial Talks @ GeoWorks Open House

Date: 6 September 2019

Time: 2:00 PM “ 5.00 PM

Venue: GeoWorks, PSA Building, Level 7

Registration details:   


Mok Ly Yng: Curious Tales from Singapore Maps (Geospatial Talk)

Well-known speaker Mok Ly Yng will be giving a talk on Curious Tales from Singapore Maps based on his findings about Singapore historical maps over the last 20 years.   


Create your own maps by MaptimeSG (Workshop)

Nowadays, everyone has access to geospatial information and participate in creating a map. This process helps us interact with our surrounding environment more in-depth, and understand the space we live in. For example, you can learn about the trees you see at a park; their name and characteristics through GPS and interactive map; you can also report problems you see on roads (e.g. a cracked road, faded lane markings) and share with the public. With many available digital tools and applications, more and more people have become familiar with geospatial interactions and enjoy the usefulness of it. How can we further extend this concept?

In this workshop, the community-led MaptimeSG is conducting a two-hour session to teach participants some of the basic skills to work with geospatial data as well as ongoing examples of how this concept can be applied to a real project in order to solve issues. Participants will also get the chance to gain hands-on exercises to make their own map, tell the stories in the neighbourhood to inform and inspire others.  


Creating and Validating Crowdsourced Data by Grab (Workshop)

Creating crowdsourced data is an interesting process but to make sure that the data we create is accurate, we’d have to validate them for their accuracy and correctness. This workshop will focus on sharing points and tips on validating the data and change-set we create with the community.  


Creating and Validating Crowdsourced Data by Grab (Workshop)

Creating crowdsourced data is an interesting process but to make sure that the data we create is accurate, we’d have to validate them for their accuracy and correctness. This workshop will focus on sharing points and tips on validating the data and change-set we create with the community.  


Banded Langur Working Group

Understanding how the Banded Langur Working Group use geospatial tools for the conservation of the critically endangered Leaf Monkey. 


LDR LocoMole Augmented Reality Map Trails

How to transform learning and experiences using geospatial technology and mobile experiential applications. 


Hexagon Geospatial

Visual Analytics: How the way we visualise the environment around us can augment the human. 


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