GEOINT 2013 Seeks Lightning Talk Presentations

by | Aug 6, 2013

Herndon, Va., Aug. 1, 2013”The USGIF Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee and Emerging Technologies Subcommittee invite you to participate in a session of Lightning Talks during GEOINT Foreword on Sunday, Oct. 13, in Tampa FL. GEOINT Foreword is the science- and technology-focused forum that runs as a preface to the GEOINT Symposium.

Deadline for Abstract submissions is Wednesday, Aug. 21, 11:59pm EDT

What are Lightning Talks?

Lightning Talk presentations proposals are open to any USGIF Members as an opportunity to collaborate and educate colleagues on technical topics relevant to the GEOINT Symposium’s theme: Operationalizing Intelligence for Global Missions. Lightning Talks are limited to five minutes each and will be presented 5-7 p.m. on Sunday as a capstone to the GEOINT Foreword event.

Lightning Talks must focus on advancing the GEOINT tradecraft for scientists, analysts and other professionals. Marketing pitches will be ignored by the proposal review process, but individuals and their organizations will be recognized for innovative efforts by GEOINT Foreword attendees and credited for their contributions within the GEOINT 2013 program guide.

This year’s talks will have a focus on Interoperability & Standards as well as Emerging Technologies. We encourage you to submit an abstract.


We are in an era of increased reliance on standards, guidelines and formats to achieve interoperability in our GEOINT community. Suggested areas of focus include (but are not limited to):

  • ¢ How can we overcome the divide between DoD/IC geospatial data standards and the data formats associated with DHS and first responders in the mitigation of natural disasters? Is it a gap, a translation issue or a void? Are the challenges real or myth?
  • ¢ How imminent is the need for interoperability in 3 dimensional environments? Is 3D technology evolving to accommodate standardization, or are there ongoing challenges as with current interoperability definitions that impact support for tomorrow’s technology?
  • ¢ A recent discussion on the OGC website regarding growth of geospatial data on the web indicated there remain challenges with interoperability protocols and access. Is there a need for a Digital Earth Reference Model – a fixed, uniform partitioning of the Earth’s surface where multiple datasets could be sampled into the grid? What are the pros and cons of working to create and embrace such a model in the geospatial domain?
  • ¢ Proposed talks should focus on standards-based interoperability for innovative solutions and can include: (a) standards needed for innovative technology, (b) innovation success through standards, (c) experiences in standards-based integration of innovative capability, (d) lessons learned or experiences in innovative integration.

The Interoperability Subcommittee Review Panel will select approximately three (3) abstracts presenting innovative ideas to address ongoing GEOINT mission challenges.

Emerging Technologies

GEOINT science & technology capabilities are evolving at a remarkably fast pace, and these Emerging Technologies presentations will share information about contemporary innovations as well as visions of future ideas that are shaping the methods how our community uses GEOINT.

Suggested areas of focus include (but are not limited to):

  • ¢ Disaster Response/Incident Management
  • ¢ Value of crowd-sourced information
  • ¢ Enabling faster delivery of GEOINT
  • ¢ Advanced visualization
  • ¢ Mobile solutions in a disconnected environment

The Emerging Technologies Subcommittee Review Panel will select approximately eight (8) abstracts for presentation.

Click Here for Submission Guidelines PDF

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