FARO Solutions Featured in Investigation Scenes of Japanese Movie Himitsu “ THE TOP SECRET

by | Aug 19, 2016

Aichi  “ FARO Japan, Inc. (Head office in Aichi, Chief Commercial Officer: Joseph Arezone) announced that its 3D laser scanner, FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D, as well as its handheld scanner, FARO Scanner Freestyle3D, were used as cutting-edge crime investigation equipment in the movie Himitsu “ THE TOP SECRET, which was recently released on 6 August 2016 in Japan.

The movie is a mystery flick based on the comic written by Reiko Shimizu and screenplay directed/written by Keishi Otomo. Set in Japan in the year of 2060, the movie features the No. 9 forensic laboratory of National Research Institute of Police Science known as Daiku (No. 9), where MRI investigation is conducted with images reproduced from a dead man's memory. All the investigators suffer from severe distress as a result of the secrets revealed by the victims and perpetrators. The movie begins with shocking images extracted from the inner brain, and it captures the audience with its plot filled with complex cases. It concludes with a shocking, surprise ending that reveals the biggest secret behind the case.

The FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D and the FARO Scanner Freestyle3D were featured in the investigation scenes as devices used to document the crime scenes. The Focus3D was used to scan the outdoor homicide scene and the Freestyle3D was used to scan the narrow space of the indoor homicide scene.

For more information, please visit:
FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D “ www.faro.com/laserscanner/sg
FARO Scanner Freestyle3D “ www.faro.com/scanner/sg

About the movie, Himitsu “ THE TOP SECRET:
Directed by Keishi Otomo
Originally written by Reiko Shimizu Himitsu -THE TOP SECRET (Hakusensha)
Distributed by Shochiku
Produced by Himitsu “ THE TOP SECRET Production Committee
Released on 6 August 2016 (Sat) Nationwide in Japan
Cast: Toma Ikuta,  Masaki Okada
Tori Matsuzaka, Lisa Oda, / Chiaki Kuriyama, Lily Franky / Kippei Shiina. Nao Omori
Official website: http://himitsu-movie.jp/


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