ExpoDronica 2016 Brings for the First Time in the World Land, Sea and Air Drones

by | Feb 8, 2016

ExpoDronica 2016 Brings for the First Time in the World Land, Sea and Air Drones

– The drone industry has taken off in 2015 and it expects to have an exponential growth throughout 2016, which will allow to develop new applications and a greater choice of solutions.

– Unmanned ground and surface vehicles (UGV & USV) or remotely  operated vehicles (ROV) are less known than UAV drones but they have already become a reality in the maritime and shipping industry as well as freight transport.

– Expodrónica will also hold indoor & outdoor fly demos, as well a ground circuit and a lake for UGV, USB and ROV drones
Saragossa, Spain, 2016, February, 8th. The Spanish city of Saragossa will hold again next September, 22nd and 23rd, Expodronica, the professional civil drone trade show more important in Europe. This second edition offers a more ambitious and global schedule. Expodronica brings for the first time in the world  UAVs, USVs, UGVs and ROVs, all together.

Expodronica has already become, according to the specialised media in the world, the most important professional and complete civil drone trade show in Europe and  one of the most important in the world.

“Expodronica 2015 anticipated the big launching of the drone industry and Expodronica 2016 will show its full potential by bringing together the whole industry. Expodronica 2016 will provide a 360 degree review of the
industry”, says Isabel Buatas, Expodronica General Manager

Expodronica 360 degrees : UAVs, UGVs and ROVs
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The further development in the drone industry are in the UAVs, however, there is an emerging market of sea drones, already being used in the naval industry, sea emergencies or the prediction of natural disasters : the USVs and AUVs. Most drone manufacturers are already developing unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to access small and special places because of its orography and ground conditions.

On the other hand, the UAVs will be again the real stars in Expodrónica 2016, the trade show where manufacturers and services developers will meet together. A real chance for professionals in many sectors such as industry, precision agriculture, monitoring and security infrastructure, broadcasting, emergencies, transport or health services.

From indoor to the lake: live demos Saragossa Trade Show  is the best place in Europe to hold this kind of events because of its ideal location and authorised areas for organizing exhibitions, conferences, workshops, networking and indoor and outdoor demos, all under one roof.

In this second edition Expodronica will display, all under one roof, indoor flight demos, a ground circuit for UGVs and water demos in the big lake of the Trade Show where you can see the USVs and AUVs.
A Growing Sector

Expodronica 2016 will be again an exclusively professional trade show. The great success of the first edition has become Expodronica the best Drone Trade Show in Europe for companies which have incorporated the drones in their busioness strategies.

In 2015, an important growth in drone industry took place, specially in the second term. According to AESA (The General Aeronautics Agency in Spain) 1668 unmanned aircrafts habe been registered in Spain.
A growing sector that keeps on expanding throughout 2016. In Spain, an economic growth of the drone industry is estimated at 10%-15%
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