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January 4, 2019
Excelitas Technologies® to Showcase LiDAR Innovations at the LeddarTech® Pavilion at CES 2019

WALTHAM, Mass. – Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will highlight its latest photon detection product innovations for LiDAR technology at CES 2019. Exhibiting as a LeddarTech Ecosystem member, Excelitas will showcase its pulsed lasers and avalanche photodiodes and also present a technical session entitled, “Evolution of Pulsed Lasers and Avalanche Photodiodes Enabling LiDAR applications.” Excelitas supplies specialized opto-electronics components for use with the LeddarEngine™, which drives LeddarTech’s auto and mobility platform.

Featured products at CES 2019 include Excelitas’ Surface Mount Device (SMD) 905nm 1X4 Pulsed Laser Diode Array and C30737MH Series Surface Mount Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs). The SMD 905nm 1X4 Pulsed Laser Diode Array was recently honored as an inaugural winner of the Autonomous Vehicle Technology ACES Award. As a key building block of next-generation LiDAR systems, the SMD 905nm 1X4 Pulsed Laser Diode Array has become an indispensable emitter technology for autonomous vehicles, which addresses OEM design engineers’ need for a high-performance, customizable solution. Excelitas’ compact C30737MH Series Surface Mount APD allows high-volume, cost-efficient product design for automotive LiDAR and other precision laser applications. 

On January 10 at 10:30, Excelitas Product Leader, Detection Denis Boudreau and Applications Leader, Detection Anand Pandy will present a session about the latest advancements in sensor offerings. Taking place in the LeddarTech Ecosystem Classroom at LeddarTech’s Pavilion, the “Evolution of Pulsed Lasers and Avalanche Photodiodes Enabling LiDAR Applications” presentation will detail how new sensor technologies are moving towards drive electronic integration, surface mount packages, arrays and readout electronics – improving the time-to-market for new LiDAR designs.

“LeddarTech is an industry leading provider of versatile, scalable automotive LiDAR development platforms that we have been actively working with for the past few years,” said Denis Boudreau, Product Leader, Detection at Excelitas Technologies. “As a designer of components and modules for LiDAR applications for over 30 years, Excelitas is excited to be a part of the LeddarTech Ecosystem at CES. Our new generation of optoelectronic components and modules deliver high levels of reliability in high-volume, cost-effective packaging for the integration of LiDAR into a multitude of automotive applications.”

The LeddarTech Pavilion is designed to facilitate engagement amongst market leaders in LiDAR solutions for mobility applications. It is located at CP-16, in the outdoor exhibition area between the Skytrain station and the main exhibition halls, alongside high-profile names such as Google and Valeo.

For additional information about Excelitas or our silicon APD and pulsed laser diode arrays, visit

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About Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies® Corp. is a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, high-performance, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the lighting, detection and optical technology needs of global customers. From biomedical technology to research laboratory, safety and security, consumer products, semiconductor, energy and environment, industrial sensing & imaging, defense and aerospace, Excelitas Technologies is committed to enabling our customers’ success in their end-markets. Excelitas Technologies acquired Qioptiq in 2013 and now has approximately 6,700 employees in North America, Europe and Asia, serving customers across the world. Connect with Excelitas on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About LeddarTech
LeddarTech is an industry leader providing the most versatile and scalable Auto and Mobility LiDAR Platform based on the unique LeddarEngine, which consists of a suite of automotive-grade, functional safety certified SoCs working in tandem with LeddarSP signal processing software. The company is responsible for several innovations in cutting-edge mobility remote-sensing applications, its patented technologies enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities for automobiles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, robotaxis, shuttles, and more. Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at, and LinkedInTwitterFacebook and YouTube.

Excelitas® is a registered trademark of Excelitas Technologies Corp. All other products and services, including LeddarTech, Leddar and LeddarEngine, are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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