Esri Honors Outstanding Partners

by | Mar 12, 2014

Redlands, Calif., March 10, 2014”Each year at the Esri Partner Conference (EPC), Esri presents awards to acknowledge those partners that are aligned with its mission to advance the use of GIS and apply best practices to address real-world problems.

The Esri Partner Conference provides attendees with the environment to develop the strategies, skills, and contacts. It allows them to extend the value of their business and deliver success in a multitude of applications for both business and government. The conference is taking place in Palm Springs, California, March 8“11.

We want to highlight what can be accomplished with GIS technology and the outstanding solutions and services provided by our partners,” says Jack Dangermond, Esri president. “The EPC awards recognize their excellent work. They are solving problems and extending the benefits of the Esri platform through world class applications in government, business, the environment, and more.

This year, awards were presented to nine companies throughout the world that are helping expand the use of ArcGIS with their innovative applications

  • Internal Web”CGI Netherland BV developed SIGMA for ProRail, a Dutch company responsible for the development, maintenance, and safety of the railroad network system in the Netherlands. The application is based on ArcGIS for Server and enables employees to manage the condition of the rail lines and combine design and measurement-data of the railroad track in multiple dimensions.
  • Innovation”GISi in the United States created GeoMetri Indoor Analytics so businesses can better understand how people are moving through their facilities. The application leverages ArcGIS Online maps and services, allowing users to compare and measure activity across different time periods or building areas as well as understand real-time traffic patterns for any space, at any time.
  • Mobile”Clevest Solutions from Canada developed WorkBook, a next-generation mobile app that empowers utilities' mobile technicians with maps, screens, and workflows to manage their work while having real-time communication with the office. It's tightly integrated with both Esri's online basemaps and GIS layers hosted on ArcGIS for Server.
  • Public Web”Geo Thinking SAS in Colombia developed Tremarctos-Colombia, a free software application that evaluates the impact of infrastructure projects on biodiversity and climate change. The application also provides recommendations for related projects to mitigate the negative environmental impact, if any, caused by the original project.
  • Location Analytics”KliqMap from KT Labs in Ireland allows users to leverage the power of ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online to create a fully integrated and interactive environment where analytics, simulation, prediction, and optimization can be performed in the context of business processes.
  • ArcGIS for Desktop”MobiGIS in France created MobiAnalyst to provide eco-friendly transportation solutions. The application is used for intelligent multimodal transport analysis in response to new mobility requirements. The application is positioned as a central tool in the transportation applications market and is interoperable with most business solutions.
  • Organizational Use of ArcGIS Online”Common Operating Picture Support for ArcGIS Online from Oceaneering International in the United States was designed specifically for the oil and gas industry and government to increase awareness and improve decision making. The application provides hosted ArcGIS Online solutions and includes the setup, configuration, and integration of customer data, live video, and real-time data.
  • Stand-Alone Desktop”BlighterView HMI 2 by Plextek Consulting in the United Kingdom uses the ArcGIS platform to enable the integration of radar, camera, and thermal imagery into existing command and control systems. This is accomplished through the provision of a toolkit of modules using the Esri platform libraries to provide a robust and persistent surveillance capability.
  • Best New Partner”iFormBuilder from Zerion Software in the United States is a mobile platform that provides the ability to easily create multitier relational forms with robust custom logic that allows data to be linked to feature services as attributes or related tables in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server.

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