Edgybees Selected as Finalist in the 2021 USGIF Innovative Tradecraft Competition

by | Sep 9, 2021

GAITHERSBURGMd.- Edgybees, the leading provider of precise, real-time geo-registration and actualization of aerial video and images, announced today that it has been selected as a finalist in the 2021 USGIF Innovative Tradecraft Competition. The competition recognizes innovative and useful geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) solutions that address mission problems through visualization, data sharing, and interoperability. Edgybees is one of just four companies selected to present on the main stage at the annual GEOINT Symposium.

In line with the competition theme of ‘predicting a crisis through leveraging geospatial data and capabilities,’ Edgybees’ presentation focused on predicting the spread of wildfires and informing rescuers. In disaster situations, from floods to wildfires to hurricanes, first responders need the most accurate and reliable tools to see the big picture, predict where fires may be heading next, and make informed decisions on where to deploy resources to ultimately save lives and minimize damage. Edgybees brings unprecedented visibility even to the most complex and opaque disaster scenes. Delivering real-time, high-precision geo-tagging of aerial video, the AI-powered solution provides the visual intelligence needed to make rapid, well-informed decisions.

“Being chosen as a finalist in the USGIF Innovative Tradecraft Competition is a true testament to the value of our technology in the field,” said Adam Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Edgybees. “We are thrilled to share the details on how Edgybees can dramatically improve situational awareness and visibility in the fight against wildfires, and we look forward to presenting at the GEOINT Symposium.”

Edgybees’ geo-registration software analyzes and contextualizes visual data in real-time to help the public safety, government, defense, and critical infrastructure sectors make critical decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Its software enables professionals in the field to execute operations faster by displaying accurate, mission-critical data with augmented reality overlays in real-time over a single screen, minimizing cognitive load and optimizing mission effectiveness. Edgybees has been used to aid first responders in large-scale disaster areas, including during Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florence, and the California wildfires.

As a Tradecraft Competition finalist Edgybees will be presenting on the main stage at the GEOINT Symposium on Wednesday, October 6th. At the conclusion of all finalists’ presentations the audience will cast their vote to determine the overall winner. Edgybees will also be exhibiting at the GEOINT Symposium at booth 2801.

The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is the only organization dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and building a stronger community of interest across industry, academia, government, professional organizations, and individual stakeholders. Every year USGIF holds the GEOINT Symposium, the largest annual gathering of GEOINT professionals in the United States.

About Edgybees

Founded in 2017, Edgybees brings clarity, accuracy, and speed to mission-critical and lifesaving operations that rely on streamed aerial video for situational awareness. Edgybees’ solution combines advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to accurately match aerial video to satellite reference imagery in real-time. This unique approach enables rapid decision-making by visually augmenting roads, key landmarks, and other mission-critical data on top of live video feeds “ via our own platform or by integrating with third-party virtual augmentation solutions. With high-precision geo-tagging and near-zero latency, Edgybees makes complex operational environments instantly clear “ enabling defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure teams to accomplish lifesaving and high-urgency missions quickly and safely. For more information visit www.edgybees.com.



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